Gelöst! Das können Sie tun, wenn Ihr Amazon-Paket gestohlen wird


As the festive season heightens the anticipation for online orders every winter, so does the concern for “porch pirates.” In December 2018, the term “porch pirate” peaked in Google searches, followed by smaller peaks each winter after that, a trend that reflects an annual worry for many. Astoundingly, The New York Times reported that an alarming 1.7 million packages go missing every day, leading to a staggering daily loss. And it’s not just a one-off occurrence;  the first year of COVID-19 lockdowns saw a 161% increase in mail theft complaints. A 2021 survey conducted by Consumer Reports involving 2,341 adults revealed that over 10% reported experiencing package theft at some point during the prior year. As you navigate this persistent issue, it’s essential to understand the safeguards and remedies available to you.

In 2018, ‘porch pirate’ searches surged in Google Trends, marking a significant peak, followed by smaller spikes each December thereafter.

Does Amazon Replace Stolen Packages?

When you face the unfortunate event of a stolen package, Amazon often provides a reassuring solution. The cornerstone of this support is the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee, a policy designed to enhance buyer confidence and safeguard purchases up to $2,500, particularly those fulfilled by third-party sellers. Whether your item has gone missing, arrived damaged, or doesn’t match the description, the A-to-Z Guarantee is a pathway to resolve these issues.

Amazon A-Z guarantee

Firstly, if your package hasn’t arrived or you’ve received an unsatisfactory product, your initial step should be to reach out to the third-party seller via Amazon’s platform. Here’s how you can navigate this process:

  1. Log into your Amazon account and visit the Amazon Pay website.
  2. Look for the “contact seller” option associated with your order.
  3. Send a message detailing the issue with your purchase.

In many cases, the seller will respond positively, offering a replacement or solution. However, if the response is unsatisfactory or you receive no reply within a specified period (usually 24 hours), you’re not left without options. Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee comes into play here, enabling you to escalate the matter.

To file an Amazon Stolen Package Claim, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Amazon account and go to “Your Orders.”
  2. Find the order in question and select “Problem with Order.”
  3. Specify that your package has not arrived or detail other issues you’re facing.
  4. Click on “Request Refund,” then submit your claim.

Throughout this process, you can monitor the status of your claim by checking your account. While no system is foolproof, Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee provides protection and recourse for customers dealing with package theft. This policy underscores Amazon’s commitment to customer satisfaction and highlights the importance of vigilance and communication in resolving delivery issues.

What should you do if your Amazon package is stolen?

1. Review Orders: Check your Amazon account for delivery details.

If your Amazon package status shows “Delivered” but it’s not at your doorstep, your first step should be to check “Deine Bestellungen.” Go to your Amazon account, select “Your Orders,” and find the missing package. You’ll see the detailed tracking information here, including the delivery timeline. Verify the delivery details, like date and location, and note any discrepancies for further investigation.

2. Confirm Address: Double-check the shipping address on Amazon.

Mistakes in the shipping address, even minor ones, can misdirect your package. Check the shipping address in the order details on your Amazon account to ensure it’s correct. If you find any errors or outdated information, update it immediately to avoid future issues. Also, ensure the pin location on Amazon maps correctly reflects your address.

3. Neighbor Check: Ask if anyone has your package.

Packages can sometimes be delivered to a neighbor’s house by mistake or for safekeeping. Politely ask around to see if anyone has received your package. Sometimes, they might have seen something significant related to the delivery or potential theft, providing valuable clues.

4. Mailbox Scan: Look in your mailbox or usual delivery spots.

People will use different package sign stickers to direct delivery drivers to specific drop-off points at their homes

Sometimes, packages delivered by third-party courier services might end up in places you wouldn’t expect, like your mailbox or a local post office. Check all locations where the package might be, including your mailbox, porch, building security, or even dustbin.

5. Delivery Notices: Search for any delivery attempt notifications.

Carriers often leave a note or send an email if they’ve attempted delivery but couldn’t leave the package safely. Check your mailbox, email, and door for any such notifications. They usually provide information on how and where you can collect your package.

6. Contact Seller: Reach out to the third-party seller via Amazon.

If a third-party seller sold your item on Amazon, contact them directly through Amazon’s “Contact Seller” option. Explain the situation and see if they can provide additional information or assistance. They might offer to resend the item or give you a refund.

7. Claim Guarantee: File for an A-to-Z Guarantee refund after 48 hours.

If you’ve waited 48 hours after the expected delivery date and the package still hasn’t arrived, you may be eligible for a refund through Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee. Go to your orders, find the problematic order, and select “File/View Claim” to start the process.

8. Police Report: Notify authorities of theft reporting.

If you suspect your package was stolen and it’s of significant value, consider filing a police report. Provide all relevant details, including order confirmation and any evidence you might have of the theft. A police report can be helpful in insurance claims or for further investigation.

9. Credit Card Protection: Explore purchase protection options on your card.

Many credit cards offer purchase protection that may cover stolen items. Check your credit card’s benefits guide for specifics on coverage for stolen goods. You’ll likely need to provide documentation of the purchase and the theft, so be prepared with all your order details and any correspondence with Amazon or the seller.

How do you prevent package theft in the future?

Losing a package to porch pirates is more than an inconvenience—violating personal space and trust. But don’t worry, and there are several steps you can take to protect your deliveries. Incorporate these methods into your routine to significantly decrease the chances of theft:

1. Opt for Secure Deliveries with an OTP

When ordering from Amazon, select the Password Required option for an extra layer of security. This feature sends a six-digit, one-time password to your email, which the delivery person needs to complete the delivery. This method ensures your package is not left unattended if you’re not home. For additional backup, designate a trusted person nearby as your package recipient.

2. Try Amazon Key for In-Garage Deliveries

If you’re concerned about leaving packages out in the open, consider Amazon Key for secure, in-garage deliveries. With the myQ app, grant one-time access to your garage for delivery personnel only during the delivery time. This service keeps your packages out of sight and protected from weather and theft.

3. Utilize Locker Services or Porch Lock Boxes

To enhance delivery security, consider using locker services like Amazon Locker or a sturdy, bolted delivery box at home. Feliluke’s Package Delivery Box offers a spacious, weather-resistant, and lockable solution that integrates well with your home’s exterior, ensuring parcels remain safe until retrieval.

4. Install a Security Camera

A visible security camera can significantly deter potential thieves. Modern cameras offer real-time alerts, video recording, and even the ability to communicate with delivery personnel through two-way audio. This helps prevent theft and provides evidence in case of an incident.

5. Ship Packages to Your Office or Collect Them in Person

If you’re usually not home during delivery hours, consider having packages delivered to your workplace or a local pickup point. This ensures that your package isn’t left unattended and vulnerable to theft. Check with carriers for options like “Hold for Pickup” at nearby locations.

6. Add Special Delivery Instructions

Customize your delivery instructions to minimize the risk of theft. Specify a discreet location for couriers to leave your package, such as a back porch or inside an unlocked shed. Clear, detailed instructions can make all the difference in keeping your deliveries safe.


From technology solutions like OTP and Amazon Key to physical deterrents like the Feliluke Package Delivery Box, each method enhances your defense against porch pirates. Stay proactive and adapt as new solutions and services become available to ensure the safety of your online shopping experience.

By understanding and utilizing a combination of these tactics, you’ll deter potential thieves and gain peace of mind, knowing that your deliveries are as safe as possible. Stay vigilant, report any thefts immediately, and explore new ways to enhance your package security. Your diligence and these preventive measures go a long way in keeping your packages safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stolen Amazon Packages

What Do I Do If I Receive Someone Else’s Amazon Package?

Mistakes happen, and sometimes packages end up at the wrong address. It’s not uncommon for delivery errors or address misreads to occur. The FTC notes that if you receive merchandise you didn’t order, it’s legally yours to keep as a gift. However, before you decide to keep it, consider the possibility that it could be an unexpected gift or a duplicated delivery of one of your past orders. Most often, though, it’s simply delivered to the wrong address.

First, check your account for any unexpected charges or orders. Suppose it’s indeed a mistake, and you haven’t been charged. In that case, you have options: you can return it using a prepaid label typically included by Amazon, or if it’s nearby, consider delivering it to the correct address yourself. Amazon covers the return shipping costs, making it hassle-free to return unordered merchandise.

How do you return an Amazon package that is not yours?

If you receive an Amazon package that isn’t yours, handling the situation responsibly and ethically is important.  Firstly, do not open the package, as this can complicate the return process. Contact Amazon’s customer service to report the misdelivered package. They will guide you through the process, typically using a prepaid return label provided by Amazon. Securely attach the label to the package and follow the instructions to drop it off at a designated location or arrange a pickup.  Amazon aims to make the return process as smooth as possible, ensuring that the package returns to the correct person or is returned to the distribution center.

Does Amazon Investigate Missing Packages?

Amazon is committed to ensuring that its customers receive their packages. Under the A-to-Z Guarantee, Amazon may replace lost items up to $2,500, with customers needing to report the loss within 90 days of the expected delivery date. However, the guarantee doesn’t mean every claim will be approved. Claims might be denied if you’ve initiated a chargeback with your bank or failed to respond to Amazon or the seller’s requests for additional information regarding the incident.

In cases of missing packages, it’s vital to act swiftly. Report the issue to Amazon when you notice a package hasn’t arrived as expected. Provide as much detail as possible, including order numbers and any communication with the delivery service. While Amazon does investigate and often rectifies these situations, keeping detailed records and being responsive to inquiries will facilitate a smoother resolution process.

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