Die alarmierende Realität des Paketdiebstahls in New York City


The issue of package theft in New York City is both alarming and multifaceted, affecting residents across the city in profound and varied ways. The video (by Cash Jordan) titled “Over 990,000 Packages Get Stolen Daily in NYC, Here’s The City’s Plan” sheds light on the severity of the problem, as well as the innovative measures being taken to combat it. With over 2 million packages delivered daily in NYC, the fact that nearly half are reported lost or stolen underscores a crisis that has escalated notably since the COVID-19 pandemic began, driven by an increase in online shopping and subsequent rise in in-store shoplifting.

Personal Stories Highlight the Impact

Goods are locked in glass cases in the physical store to prevent theft. (screenshort frrom video)

The video vividly illustrates the severe and personal impact of package theft in New York City through the experiences of several victims, shedding light on the broad spectrum of items stolen, ranging from essential medications to high-end electronics like brand new iPhone 15s. One poignant story involves a neighbor whose insulin, a critical life-saving medication, was stolen. This incident not only highlights the audacity of thieves but also the potentially life-threatening consequences of such thefts. Another victim shares the frustration and sense of violation that comes with having packages stolen right from one’s doorstep, emphasizing the emotional and financial toll on the victims.

The narrative further details how the thefts are not just limited to random acts of opportunity but are part of a larger systemic issue exacerbated by the city’s unique living conditions. Many New Yorkers reside in older buildings that lack modern security features, such as surveillance cameras or secure package delivery areas, making these residences prime targets for thieves. Additionally, the high turnover rate in these apartment buildings creates an environment where thieves can continuously exploit new residents, further compounding the problem. This transient nature of the city’s population, with many people moving in and out of apartments frequently, ensures a never-ending supply of potential victims, unknowingly offering thieves fresh opportunities.

The video also touches on the broader implications of package theft on the community’s sense of security and trust. Victims express their frustration with the lack of effective deterrents and the seemingly light penalties for package theft, which do little to discourage thieves. The overall effect is a community feeling increasingly vulnerable, with residents calling for more robust solutions to protect their property and peace of mind.

The Promise of GoLocker

In response, New York City has initiated a pilot program featuring publicly accessible lockers, called Go Lockers, where residents can securely receive their packages. These lockers are accessible 24/7, monitored by cameras, and users must provide personal information and a valid tracking number to access their deliveries. This system not only aims to reduce package theft but also encourages foot traffic to local businesses hosting these lockers, potentially revitalizing brick-and-mortar retail affected by the surge in online shopping.

The advantages of GoLocker, including enhanced security, convenience, privacy, reduced traffic, and support for local businesses, present a compelling case for its potential to mitigate package theft. However, the system is not without its challenges. Limitations such as size constraints, location convenience, safety concerns, potential technical issues, and privacy and surveillance implications must be carefully considered and addressed to maximize its effectiveness and adoption among New Yorkers.

Img. from Golocker.com

Proactive Measures for Residents

Furthermore, the video’s practical advice for residents to minimize the risk of package theft, including maintaining a well-lit and clean building entrance, organizing with neighbors, and utilizing package tracking technology and home security cameras, reflects a proactive approach to enhancing personal and communal security.

Engaging Community Dialogue

Discussion in the comments section of the video about package theft in NYC reveals a multifaceted dialogue among viewers, ranging from shared personal grievances to varied suggestions for deterring thieves. One viewer, expressing the personal impact of the issue, shared, “I had packages stolen at my last apartment, including cookies sent by my mom. Now, I have a doorman with a package room & there’s no way I’m giving that up in this city.” This comment not only highlights the emotional toll of package theft but also points to the value of security measures like doorman services.

Another comment, injecting a bit of dark humor into the conversation, suggests, “Sounds like you should leave out some poisoned cookies.” While obviously not a serious proposal, it underscores the desperation and frustration felt by many.

The debate around urban infrastructure and services is encapsulated by a user’s confusion and critique: “Wth is a doorman with a package room? Isn’t the prob the criminal itself?” This question reflects broader concerns about the root causes of package theft and the effectiveness of current solutions. Together, these comments paint a vivid picture of New Yorkers grappling with the realities of urban living, seeking solutions, and sometimes finding solace in humor or the benefits of added security measures.

90,000 NYC Packages Get Stolen… Every Day

In Conclusion: A Call for a Multifaceted Approach

In conclusion, while GoLocker and other suggested measures offer promising solutions to the rampant issue of package theft in New York City, the video and its comments underscore the necessity of a multifaceted approach that addresses the root causes of the problem, enhances community security, and adapts to the unique challenges of urban living. The ongoing dialogue among residents and stakeholders is crucial in identifying and implementing effective strategies that safeguard the well-being of all New Yorkers against the backdrop of this pressing urban challenge.

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