UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL Vacation Hold 101

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Heading out on vacation? Whether you’re soaking up the sun on a tropical beach or exploring ancient ruins abroad, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is the safety and security of your packages back home. In the age of increasing online shopping and important mail deliveries, coming home to a porch piled with packages or important documents can be a real concern — not to mention a target for porch pirates.

Fortunately, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL offer vacation hold services, allowing you to pause mail delivery until you return from your relaxing retreat. From how to set up these services to understanding costs and pick-up options, this blog will serve as your ultimate guide to managing your deliveries efficiently and securely while you’re away.

This comprehensive guide will dive into each carrier’s vacation hold service, offering step-by-step instructions and pro tips to ensure your packages wait safely for your return. We’ll also introduce you to Feliluke’s Package Delivery Box. It adds extra security for your deliveries, whether you’re home or away. Get ready to travel stress-free, knowing your deliveries are safe and sound!

How to Hold Mail and Packages with USPS

Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean risking your mail and packages. The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers several services to ensure your items stay safe while you enjoy your time away. Here’s how to take advantage of USPS’s hold mail services.

The USPS Informed Service is free, which allows you to preview your incoming mail digitally and manage your packages scheduled to arrive soon. You can see images of your letter-sized mail and track packages in one place.

How to Enroll in USPS Informed Delivery

  1. Visit the USPS Informed Delivery page.
  2. Sign up by entering your mailing address to verify if the service is available in your area.
  3. Once verified, complete the registration process.

How Much Does USPS Hold Mail Service Cost, and How Long Can It Last?

USPS’s Hold Mail service is a free courtesy. In one online request, you can request the postal service to hold your mail from 3 to 30 calendar days (not business days).

Getting Your USPS Mail at the End of a Mail Hold

Once your hold period expires, USPS will deliver the accumulated mail to your address on the next delivery day. You can also opt for package pickup in person at your local post office.

How to Request a Vacation Hold or Redirect a Package with FedEx?

FedEx offers a convenient way to keep your packages safe while you’re away. Their Vacation Hold y Package Redirect services let you control where your deliveries end up, whether at a FedEx Office, Walgreens, Dollar General, or another partner location.

You must set up a FedEx Delivery Manager account to get started. This can be done quickly online or via their mobile app. Once you have your account, you can manage your package deliveries to suit your vacation plans. In the following sections, we’ll guide you on how to use these FedEx services for a stress-free vacation.

How Much Does a Hold Cost with FedEx?

FedEx’s vacation hold services are typically offered free of charge within 14 days. However, if your vacation plans require extending the hold time beyond 14 days, you can contact FedEx customer service to explore this possibility. Do note that requesting an extension may incur additional fees, depending on your specific situation and the extension length.

How Long Can FedEx Hold Your Packages on Vacation?

FedEx allows you to place a hold on your packages for up to 14 days. This gives you ample time to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your deliveries.

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How to Pick Up Your Parcel After a FedEx Hold?

When your vacation hold period with FedEx ends, or if you decide to collect your parcels earlier, FedEx will notify you. This alert lets you know that your packages are ready for pickup. You can retrieve them at the nearest FedEx Office or a FedEx-authorized location. Make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the package for verification.

If picking up the parcels yourself isn’t convenient, FedEx also offers a redelivery option. You can easily arrange for the packages to be redelivered to your home or another location that suits you better. Managing your vacation hold services with FedEx is simple, whether you do it online or through their customer service. Just set up the hold a few days before your trip.

What If My FedEx Vocation Hold Doesn’t Work?

Occasionally, you might face issues when placing a Vacation Hold on your FedEx package. This can occur if the package type is not eligible for such services.

According to FedEx’s official website, only FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages are eligible for a Vacation Hold. If your package falls outside these categories, it may not be suitable for this service.

How to Hold a Package with UPS?

To set up a vacation hold for your packages with UPS, you’ll need to use their hold package service, which is available through UPS My Choice. This service allows UPS to hold your package at various locations for your convenience, including the UPS Store, a UPS customer center, a UPS Access Point™ location, or one of their partnered retail locations. You can pick the option that works best for you.

When you utilize the UPS hold package service through UPS My Choice®, several hold options are available:

  • Leave with the Neighbors.
  • Hold According to Instructions.
  • Deliver to UPS Access Point™.
  • Hold for “Will Call” at Customer Services.

Sign up and register for the UPS My Choice to access these services. Once registered, you can log in and utilize these services. Many of these features are available as part of the free membership, offering flexibility and peace of mind while you’re away.

How Much Does UPS Hold Cost?

UPS offers a free hold for up to 7 days. If you need longer or have special requests, for example, delivering to another location, charges may apply unless you are a premium UPS My Choice member.

How Long Can UPS Keep Your Packages During Vacation Hold?

UPS will hold your package for 7 calendar days, generally sufficient for short vacations or trips. This service is available regardless of whether the sender, the customer, or UPS decides to hold the package. If the package isn’t picked up or a delivery is not scheduled within these 7 days, it will be returned to the sender. The sender can also use the UPS Package Intercept service to hold or return a package as needed.

How to Retrieve Your Package from UPS After a Hold?

Once the hold period ends, UPS will either resume delivery, or you can pick up your package at a UPS Access Point or Customer Center, as per your preference.

How to Hold Shipment with DHL

The DHL Express Holiday Hold service lets you put a hold on your packages. They stay safe at a DHL center during your vacation or specific holidays. After the hold, DHL sends them to your home.

DHL also offers On-Demand delivery. Leave your packages with a neighbor, at the leasing office, or with a security guard. Or, pick them up yourself at a DHL ServicePoint or Locker. It’s flexible and convenient.

What is the Cost of a DHL Vacation Hold?

The DHL Express Holiday Hold is available at no additional cost for customers, but it does require signing up for their On-Demand delivery service.
How Long Will DHL Keep a Package on Vacation Hold?

With DHL, you can postpone your package delivery for up to 30 days, according to their Vacation Hold policy. This flexible duration caters to both short and extended trips, giving you control over when you receive your packages

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How to Pick Up Your Package at DHL after a Hold?

After the hold period, or if you want to collect your package earlier, pick it up from a DHL Express Service Point or DHL Locker. This option provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to collect your package when it best suits you. Otherwise, the parcel will be delivered to the destination.

How Can Feliluke Help?

La eficiente puerta abatible de Feliluke permite depósitos de paquetes sin problemas

Heading out for a work trip or vacation should be hassle-free, especially when managing your important deliveries. While services like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL offer convenient vacation holds, managing multiple apps for different carriers can become cumbersome. That’s where Feliluke comes in, a real game-changer.

Feliluke stands out with its expansive size, accommodating many parcel dimensions. Each box has a secure lock and key system alongside robust ground-bolting kits. These features ensure that Feliluke securely manages all your packages, regardless of the shipping company, in one consolidated and safe location. Moreover, it acts as a formidable deterrent against opportunistic package theft.

Picture this. You come home. What do you see?

  1. No scattered packages on your porch.
  2. No ruined parcels from bad weather.
  3. No missing boxes, whether due to theft, wind, or even a bear.

Feels good, right? That’s the Feliluke difference. You leave home. Your deliveries stay safe. You come back to everything just as it should be.

Ready to make your life easier? Don’t wait! Your deliveries deserve the best protection, and with Feliluke, you’re always covered.

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