Come nascondere i miei pacchi sul portico per scoraggiare i ladri?


Per tenere a bada i pirati del portico, nascondere i pacchi è fondamentale. In questa guida troverai consigli concreti su "come nascondere i pacchi in veranda" utilizzando oggetti di uso quotidiano e un posizionamento intelligente, senza proposte di vendita. Preparatevi a proteggere le vostre consegne in modo discreto ed efficiente.

Key Takeaways

  • Hide your packages in decorative bins, behind furniture, or within the natural camouflage of your porch’s landscaping to make them less noticeable and attractive to thieves.
  • Invest in package protection accessories like pacakge delivery box to protect deliveries physically, or use tech solutions like video doorbells and smart padlocks for surveillance and remote security.
  • Consider alternative delivery methods, such as scheduled deliveries, secure collection points like Amazon Lockers, or community-based solutions to deter porch pirates and reduce package theft.

Smart Strategies to Hide Packages from Porch Pirates

Couriers Hiding Packages Outside of the House

The first line of defense against theft is making sure your packages aren’t in plain sight. Utilizing large decorative bins or planters on the porch is an effective strategy for this. Not only do they spruce up the aesthetics of your home, but they also serve as secret spots to conceal delivered packages.

Also, strategically placing bushes or shrubs between the porch and street can be beneficial. These green barriers can conveniently hide packages from the view of potential thieves, making their thieving jobs a lot more difficult.

Moreover, outdoor furniture can serve as excellent hiding spots. Chairs or tables can be utilized by delivery personnel to place parcels out of direct sight, effectively masking them from the street view. The key here is to create a setup that looks nice and normal, but provides enough hiding spots to secure your packages.

However, keep in mind that while these tactics can deter casual porch pirates, they might not deter more determined thieves. For maximum effectiveness, it’s imperative to integrate these methods with other security measures.

Delivery Instructions to Secure Your Packages

Providing special delivery instructions during the checkout process is a practical method to keep your packages hidden. For instance, you can set unattended delivery preferences, allowing packages to be left at your premises even if no one is home. You can subsequently receive a notification of delivery via email or SMS, ensuring you’re in the loop.

Instructing couriers to place packages in less visible spots like behind furniture or within a fenced area is another viable option. This not only improves parcel security but also makes it less likely that a passing thief will spot the package.

Of course, not every home has predefined hiding spots. In such cases, couriers often use creative solutions like placing parcels between doors, under doormats, or behind flower pots to conceal delivery items.

Nonetheless, the effectiveness of these policies relies on the cooperation from homeowners. By providing suitable hiding spots and clear instructions, you can aid in reducing package visibility from the street and therefore, the risk of theft.

Package Delivery Box Solution

If you seek an extra layer of protection, it’s worth investing in a package drop box for your home. Take the Feliluke Package Delivery Box, for instance. This box offers the following features:

  • Dimensions and Weight: Measures 18 x 15 x 40 inches and weighs 36 lbs.
  • Super Large Capacity: This big mailbox for packages features a lockable parcel box that can hold most package sizes, accommodating items up to 13.75″ L x 13.75″ W x 9.75″ H.
  • Security: The lockable and secure storage compartment ensures packages remain safe, eliminating worries about package theft at home or the office. There are ground-anchoring bolts, which help you fix your box on the ground, preventing the porch pirates from stealing your whole box and all packages inside.
  • Durability: Constructed from heavy steel with a powder-coated finish, this package delivery box is weather-resistant and rust-resistant, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy Assembly: Shipped disassembled for convenient transport and cost saving, it includes a clear instruction manual and a step-by-step video guide for easy self-assembly from scratch.

Not just that, its sizable dimensions allow for the storage of multiple small to medium packages or even one large package, offering a cost-effective security measure compared to cameras, videos, and fences. Additionally, maintaining a log of stored items can further enhance the organization and tracking of packages.

Parcel boxes like the Feliluke package delivery box provide enhanced security for packages with features such as being lockable, weatherproof, and capable of holding multiple deliveries at once. User experiences have shown that installing parcel boxes has led to a noticeable decrease in misplaced or lost packages.

Tech-Savvy Solutions

Tech-savvy solutions can revolutionize package protection in today’s digital age. Smart home devices like the Arlo Video Doorbell or Arlo Pro 4, and integrated lighting and cameras like the Ring Spotlight Cam, provide remote monitoring and video surveillance options to help prevent package theft.

Services like Amazon Key and smart padlocks such as BoxLock enable secure delivery inside homes or storage containers. They interface with major delivery companies, providing a secure and convenient method to safeguard packages. Then there’s the Package Guard, a WiFi-connected device that acts like a virtual security guard. It alerts homeowners immediately upon package delivery, allowing them to secure their parcels before thieves get a chance.

Despite their price tag, these tech solutions provide comprehensive protection, saving you from the cost, stress, and inconvenience of stolen packages in the long run.

Alternative Delivery Options

Contemplating alternative delivery options can provide an additional security layer. For instance, you can consolidate your package deliveries into fewer shipments or select Saturday deliveries when you’re more likely to be home.

Certain deliveries require in-person reception, such as those requiring age verification or a signature as a sign of confirmation. This prevents them from being left unattended, reducing the risk of theft.

Scheduled delivery windows also allow customers to arrange for mail parcels to be shipped and deliver at a time they will be at home to receive them.

Then there are Amazon Lockers, which provide a secure location for receiving packages. Customers can open these lockers with a six-digit code. This means your package stays secure until you’re ready to pick it up.

The trend of buying online and picking up anywhere (BOPA) enables customers to collect their purchases from convenient locations such as urban parcel lockers, taking into account their preferences and schedules, making it a seamless drop-off and pick-up experience with minimal room for error. In this digital age, even popular platforms like YouTube have influenced the way people shop and engage with brands.

In the future, we might even see drone delivery directly to customer’s backyards, bypassing the front porch completely. Neighborhood delivery stations may also offer a community-based, secure alternative for retrieving packages and.

Personal Experiences and Community Tips

Gleaning invaluable insights into combating package theft can be achieved by learning from personal experiences and community-based solutions. For instance, consider the story of a resident who had their gardening supplies stolen from their porch. Such experiences illustrate the prevalence of package theft in certain areas and highlight the need for effective security measures.

In response to the increasing threat of package theft, some neighborhood residents have established a system where they look out for one another’s deliveries. Take Norma, a community member who actively watches for packages. Her vigilance and community spirit is a great example of how collective efforts can make a difference.

Then there’s the less conventional but imaginative method of deterrence – decoy packages. These packages, filled with unwanted items, can throw off thieves and discourage future attempts.

Undoubtedly, community initiatives and creative solutions play a significant role in combating porch pirates. Remember, the fight against package theft is a shared responsibility, and every bit helps.


In conclusion, protecting your packages from porch pirates involves a combination of clever concealment tactics, discreet delivery instructions, protective accessories, tech-savvy solutions, and alternative delivery options. Alongside these, personal experiences and community initiatives provide valuable insights and innovative solutions. While it may seem like a lot to take in, remember that every step you take contributes to the bigger picture of securing your packages. So, let’s outsmart those porch pirates, one package at a time!

Domande frequenti

What is a porch pirate?

A porch pirate is a thief who steals deliveries from doorsteps. They are individuals who take packages that don’t belong to them.

What is a Porch Pirate Box?

The Porch Pirate Box is made of durable galvanized steel that can withstand wet weather without rusting while preventing porch pirates from stealing packages. The package delivery box can be put besides the door, on the porch or the end of the driveway.

What is Amazon Key?

Amazon Key is a service that enables packages to be delivered inside your home or vehicle, providing a secure delivery option. It offers a secure and convenient method for Prime members to receive Amazon packages and groceries directly inside their garages. This service supports deliveries from Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, and Subscribe and Save.

What is an Amazon Locker?

Amazon Locker is a self-service delivery location where you can collect your Amazon packages. Once your package arrives, you’ll receive an email with pickup instructions, including the Locker’s address and operating hours.

What is Feliluke?

Feliluke lo è a large, lockable, and weatherproof package delivery box designed to protect packages from theft and weather damage. It’s a great solution for keeping your deliveries safe and secure.

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