Топ-5 лучших умных и безопасных коробок для доставки посылок, которые стоит купить в 2024 году


In just a few short years, the landscape of retail shopping has been revolutionized by companies like Amazon, transforming our purchasing habits with unprecedented convenience. The ability to have virtually any product delivered to our doorstep with just a few clicks has changed the game, rendering the need to visit physical stores for specific items almost obsolete.

However, this shift has given rise to a new challenge: the threat of ‘porch pirates,’ who seize the opportunity to steal packages left unattended. In 2022 alone, an alarming eight out of ten Americans fell victim to package theft, losing approximately 260 million packages or an astounding $2.4 billion in goods. This phenomenon underscores a significant vulnerability in our modern shopping experience and highlights the urgent need for secure delivery solutions. But as the rate of these thefts has climbed, so has the innovation in secure package delivery solutions.

Package security boxes and bags, often paired with smart video doorbells, have proven to be effective deterrents, offering protection not just from theft but also from environmental elements and pests. These parcel drop boxes combine intuitive design for easy courier access with sturdy construction to secure the contents, quickly becoming a necessary addition to households.

In this article, we will delve into the top five parcel drop boxes available in 2023, evaluating them based on their durability, security features, and user-friendliness. Our selection includes options for the tech-savvy and solutions tailored for perishable deliveries, ensuring that you can find the perfect product to safeguard your online purchases.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Parcel Drop Box?

Infographic illustrating 5 key considerations for buying a parcel drop box.
5 Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Parcel Drop Box.

1. Size & Capacity

When on the hunt for the perfect parcel drop box, size and capacity should top your list. Assess your typical delivery volume: do you mostly receive small packages or do extended absences necessitate larger storage?

2. Security Features

Security is paramount, but it doesn’t always mean splurging on advanced features. If your box won’t be in plain sight from the street, opting for a cost-effective model without smart capabilities might suffice. Nonetheless, features like sturdy locking mechanisms and anchoring options offer tangible security enhancements.

3. Added Functionalities & Build Quality

Ponder the relevance of added functionalities. While cameras, two-way speakers, and delivery sensors can enhance your experience, weigh their importance against potential cost implications. Equally crucial is the box’s build quality. Prioritize models crafted from weather-resistant materials like steel, plastic, or aluminum. If your box is exposed to the elements, features like a sealed door and waterproofing are non-negotiable.

4. Assembly & Installation

While disassembled parcel drop boxes can be more budget-friendly, they introduce the challenge of assembly and installation. If DIY isn’t your forte, consider investing in a pre-assembled delivery box to save time and hassle. However, if you’re inclined to give assembly a shot, ensure the seller provides clear instructional videos and easy-to-follow manuals. It’s worth noting that returning a robust, security-centric box can be cumbersome, making it all the more important to make an informed choice upfront.

5. Courier Convenience

Lastly, remember the couriers. Time is of the essence for them, so a drop box with an intuitive opening mechanism ensures timely and efficient deliveries.

The Best Package Drop Boxes At a Glance

TOP 1-Most Innovative: Eufy Security SmartDrop S300

Eufy's SmartDrop parcel delivery box with its mobile app interface, ranked 1st in top package delivery boxes of 2023| Feliluke
Eufy SmartDrop parcel delivery box paired with its mobile application interface, showcasing advanced security features

The Eufy delivery box melds advanced technology with user-friendly design. As soon as a package is delivered, users receive a real-time notification via a dedicated app. An added layer of security comes in the form of an HD camera, which not only records video but also captures audio. This camera, activated by motion detection, allows homeowners to monitor their front porch live from their smartphones.

Additionally, a two-way audio feature facilitates communication with delivery personnel. For those concerned about couriers unfamiliar with the product, the SmartDrop comes equipped with illuminated buttons, providing an intuitive guide for package drop-offs.

The box, weighing in at 44 pounds, offers a sizable capacity, making it one of the larger models accessible to homeowners. Despite its considerable weight, it remains relatively portable. However, for those wary of potential theft, the option to bolt the box to the ground is available.

While the product boasts numerous advantages, it isn’t without its share of critiques. Feedback from Life Hacker Review video comments suggests some couriers, particularly those from USPS, find it cumbersome due to their tight delivery schedules. Battery life poses another concern. Some users report the need to recharge after just two weeks. Additionally, with Wi-Fi connectivity comes potential disruptions, and the associated software could present compatibility issues, as seen with platforms like Homebase3.

Customer Review Feedback for Eufy SmartDrop: USPS Delivery Driver Refuses to Use It.
-Built-in 1080p surveillance camera
-Two-way chat for guests and couriers
-Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
-PIN code and traditional key access
-Plenty of storage space
-Non-auto close
-Code-based delivery
*the pros and cons of the Eufy Security SmartDrop S300

TOP 2: Most Sturdy: dVault® DVCS0015

dVault® DVCS0015 made from 16-gauge galvanized steel with a distinct red flag, designed for ultimate security and convenience.

Searching for a steadfast commercial solution? Introducing the dVault® DVCS0015 – a parcel box engineered with a single-minded focus on security. Crafted from 16-gauge galvanized steel and fortified with a durable, powder-coated finish, this locker is built to endure the harshest outdoor conditions. But its resilience isn’t merely skin-deep; its patented security drop, coupled with an anti-pry, dual-hook, posilock storage compartment, ensures the utmost protection against unauthorized access.

This parcel drop box is perfect for both personal and business use. With its dual compartments, it comfortably accommodates both incoming and outgoing mail. An additional thoughtful feature, the attachable post leg, visually notifies homeowners of awaiting posts.

But what truly sets the dVault® DVCS0015 apart is its USPS approval. With the legal restriction limiting mail deposit exclusively to USPS-sanctioned mailboxes, this locker offers a compliant solution. The distinct red flag ensures couriers can easily identify the parcel box, making their jobs more efficient.

Further enhancing its appeal, the dVault® DVCS0015 boasts ample space, with its package slot measuring a generous 17.4 by 11.5 inches – perfect for most package dimensions. The lower compartment can conveniently house several weeks’ worth of mail, eliminating frequent emptying hassles.

However, potential buyers should be aware of its design nuances. With its rear-facing access door, direct wall installation is off the table. Instead, it’s best situated at the end of driveways. While its price point might initially raise eyebrows, those prioritizing a secure combination of a mailbox and parcel box will recognize the exceptional value the dVault® DVCS0015 brings to the table.

Pros Cons
-Comes fully assembled
-included anchor kits
-tamper-proof drop slot
built-in USPS mailbox
-high price tag
-Requires fully assembly
-Rear access limits positioning options
the pros and cons of dVault® DVCS0015

TOP 3: Feliluke Package Delivery Box

Feliluke large package box with swing-down door and lock, designed for ease of use and maximum security.

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When it comes to safeguarding your packages, Feliluke offers a seamless blend of style and security. This spacious box, with dimensions of 18 x 15 x 40 inches, is adept at housing a wide variety of deliveries, even accommodating packages up to 13.75″ L x 13.75″ W x 9.75″ H. Its sturdy steel makeup, coupled with a durable, rust-resistant powder coating, guarantees longevity regardless of where you place it, be it indoors or out.

Setting up might initially sound like a task, but Feliluke has streamlined the process. Their easy-to-follow video guide means that even if DIY isn’t your strong suit, you’ll have this box ready to go in about 30 minutes.

Эффективная распашная дверь Feliluke позволяет без проблем сдавать посылки.
Feliluke’s efficient, swing-down door allows for hassle-free package deposits

The true genius of Feliluke is in its straightforward design. Designed with busy couriers in mind, its efficient, swing-down door allows for hassle-free package deposits. To bolster security, the box is equipped with a lock and key system, and those desiring an added layer of protection can use the optional bolt kit to anchor it firmly.

 FELILUKE delivery box positioned next to a residence entrance with green windows

For optimal use, a prominent delivery sticker will guide couriers, ensuring your packages are always placed right where they should be. With Feliluke, you’re investing in a blend of simplicity, security, and peace of mind.

-Comes with pre-drilled holes and hardware
-Durable and rainproof
-Lockable retrievable door
-can be bolted to the ground| included anchor kit
-requires fully assembled
The pros and cons of Feliluke Package Delivery Box for Porch

TOP 4: Loxx Boxx Househould Steel Package Drop

Loxx Boxx delivery box with a digital locking mechanism, alongside a smartphone displaying its app interface.
Loxx Boxx package drop with digital security and mobile app features. (via merchant)

Upgrade your package security with the Loxx Boxx Household Steel Package Drop. Made with robust alloy steel and coated with UV-resistant material, it’s designed to stand up against the harshest conditions.

But it’s not just about durability. This box offers an insulation feature, perfect for those who order temperature-sensitive items like groceries or medications online. Through its dedicated app, it ensures your deliveries maintain their ideal temperature.

Stay connected and informed with the app’s instant notifications. Not only will you be alerted upon package arrival, but any unauthorized attempts to access the box will also trigger an alert. Its user-friendly keypad, powered by an inclusive power bank, ensures seamless access. And for those worried about constant charging? Every Loxx Boxx is now bundled with a solar panel, making charging a breeze.

It’s worth noting that like many smart devices, there might be occasional connectivity issues, and accessing all its features may require a subscription. Also, be mindful that not every courier will be familiar with its operation. Nonetheless, for those seeking a blend of innovation and security, the Loxx Boxx is a top contender.

Pros Cons
-Monitors temperature
-Status updates via smartphone app
-Tamper alerts
-Included mounting hardware
-App-optional operation
-Courier needs a code to unlock the lid
-subscription fee for the Loxx Boxx App
Pros and Cons of Loxx Boxx Househould Steel Package Drop Box

TOP 5: Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard® Drop Box

Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard® delivery box.
BoxGuard® – A delivery box designed for outdoor use.

Looking for a cost-effective way to keep your packages safe? The Cosco BoxGuard is your answer. No more messy porches or packages out in the open inviting thieves.

This BoxGuard® is made from durable, weather-proof plastic and offers a generous 45-gallon storage space. While it doesn’t come with its own lock, you can easily add any padlock – consider a smart one for added security.

Beyond packages, you can also store outdoor items inside. And with the clear “Delivery” label upfront, couriers will know exactly where to drop your items. The lid stays open on its own, making it easier for placing bigger packages, and the design ensures everything inside stays dry.

There’s also a sleek aluminum version available. It’s straightforward and does the job right. If you’re on a budget and need a reliable package box, the Cosco BoxGuard has got you covered.

-Minimalist design
-45 gallons of storage space
-Also available in black/grey (plastic) and aluminum
-Doesn’t come with a padlock
-Can’t be bolted to the ground
-not weatherproof
The Pros and Cons of Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard®


Top 5 best package delivery boxes comparisons with the pros and cons
Comparison of the Top 5 Best Package Delivery Boxes

FAQ: How Does a Package Delivery Box Work?

  • Smart Package Box:
    The Smart Parcel box operates on a secure code system. Delivery personnel input a designated code, deposit the package, and upon closing, the box automatically locks. Packages can be accessed by the owner using a unique code or a dedicated app.
Illustration of Eufy SmartDrop delivery box opening instructions.
Step-by-step guide on accessing the Smart Parcel box. (via Eufy SmartDrop)
  • Pacakge Drop Box:
    Delivery personnel, including mail carriers and drivers, effortlessly open the top compartment to insert packages. Once the compartment is closed, the items shift to a secure section below. Owners can access their parcels at any time using a designated key.
Sequence of using a package drop box | Feliluke
Steps illustrating the delivery process and secure storage a package drop box (via Feliluke.com)

FAQ: How Secure is a Package Drop Box?

Package drop boxes are designed to protect your deliveries when you’re not around to receive them. Their effectiveness depends on their build quality and design, with a strong focus on durability to prevent theft. The locking system is vital, providing an extra security layer against unauthorized access.

Placement is key: a location that’s both visible and accessible can deter thieves, as it’s more likely to be in view of neighbors or security cameras. Modern drop boxes may come with tech features, like smart locks and alerts, enhancing security and user convenience. For best results, clear instructions for couriers ensure packages are deposited correctly, reducing potential vulnerabilities.

FAQ:How to Let my Delivery Driver Use the Lockable Box?

Inform your delivery service providers quickly and simply on utilizing your new Feliluke mail or package box. Swiftly integrate it with all your usual carriers. (view more →)

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