Tips for Sign Stickers Application

Applying stickers manually can be challenging; follow these easy steps to streamline the application process.

1. Preparing the Surface:

Before you apply the sticker or decal, ensure that the surface is clean and devoid of any moisture, grease, or debris. A clean, dry surface is crucial for the adhesive to bond properly.

2. Optimal Temperature:

For optimal adherence, aim for a room temperature of around 20º C or 70º F. If it’s essential to apply the sticker in colder conditions, consider using a freezer adhesive, designed to maintain its effectiveness without becoming brittle in freezing temperatures.

3. Proper Placement:

When manually applying a large sticker, it’s usually easier to start by peeling off one side of the liner, positioning the sticker, and then gradually removing the remaining liner. For accurate placement, marking the intended location with a pencil or chalk may be helpful, but generally, a careful, steady hand will suffice. Large or intricate decals often come with application tape to aid in precise positioning.

4. Curing Process:

Allow at least 24 hours for the adhesive to set before testing its tackiness or any tamper-evident features. The bond will be sturdy after this period but will continue to strengthen over time.

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