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The market for home package delivery boxes has vast potential due to the rapid growth of e-commerce. Increasing consumer demand for convenient and secure parcel collection solutions is a driving factor. As more families turn to online shopping, the volume of delivered packages continues to rise. Home package delivery boxes effectively address issues of unattended deliveries and parcel security. They are becoming an essential part of modern household life.

Hot-selling Mailbox with Parcel for Home

OEM/ODM Large Package Box for Porch

This pull-down parcel box is perfect for avid shoppers and families, holding multiple deliveries for different members. Avoid missed delivery notes with its large capacity for multiple packages.

Available in both detachable and integrated structures, the detachable design saves on shipping costs, while the integrated structure offers better waterproof performance. The robust lock and ground-mounting kits protect against theft and the elements.

Customizable options include various lock styles and color combinations to fit your needs.

Custom Dual-Door Drop Box for Parcels for Home

The dual-door system offers front access for deliveries and rear access for retrieval, providing maximum convenience and security.

This design allows delivery personnel to drop off packages from the front, while homeowners can retrieve them from the rear, reducing the risk of package theft. The high-quality materials and weather-resistant features ensure that your packages remain safe and dry, regardless of external conditions.

Dual-Section Steel Parcel Drop Box

The pull-down door design ensures convenient and secure package delivery, perfect for frequent use. Ideal for homes, offices, apartments, and commercial buildings, it effortlessly handles everyday deliveries, frequent parcel traffic, and multiple users.

Packages and emails are stored in separate upper and lower compartments to prevent mixing. The robust lock and weatherproof seal protect from theft and the elements, keeping items secure and safely stored until convenient for collection.

Wholesale Top-Open Secure Package Lock Box

The unique top-open mechanism allows for easy and secure package drop-off, minimizing the risk of theft. This design is particularly useful for receiving larger packages that can be easily dropped in from the top without any hassle. Its sturdy construction and choice of high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability and resistance to weather conditions.

With its modern design, this secure package lock box complements various house styles and can be placed on the porch, curbside, or at the end of the driveway.

All-around Package Drop Box Solutions

We are a top Chinese manufacturer of mailboxes and package delivery boxes. We offer various types of package delivery boxes for home and office, including post-mounted, wall-mounted, and freestanding boxes. We also customize and wholesale high-quality letterboxes and parcel drop boxes. Our services include providing all the matching packaging you need, making us your one-stop shop.

OEM/ODM Services

Choose from over 50 ready-made designs. Customize and brand them to fit your needs. This saves time and makes the process easier.

Engineering & Design

Work with our dedicated engineers to create large mailbox for packages structures and designs tailored to your specific needs, whether for home or business applications.

Dedicated Expert Support

Make more informed decisions with unlimited support from our team of product specialists.

End-to-end Solution

From concept to your door, we simplify your project by handling everything for you.

Managed Manufacturing

Get the best manufacturing with stringent processes as well as transparency on your production.

Professional Photography Service

Get a set of high-quality white background photos for each new product. This helps you prepare your online listings in advance and saves you money on photography costs.

Drop and Crush Test Services

Minimize parcel damage and reduce customer complaints from rough handling during delivery, ensuring safer shipments from e-commerce sellers to end buyers.

Free Sampling & Prototyping

Test and tweak your pacakge delivery boxes and artwork designs with samples to bring your vision to life before production.

Custom Options for Package Drop Box Solutions

  • At Feliluke, we offer a variety of customization options to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our package delivery boxes are primarily constructed from durable steel, ensuring long-lasting security and reliability. However, we understand that different customers have different preferences and requirements, so we also offer aluminum as an alternative material for the box body.
  • To cater to various markets and individual tastes, we provide options to combine different materials for the box and the door. For instance, you can choose a steel body with a stainless steel door, a steel body with a solid wood door, or even a steel body with a wood-grain finish on the door.
  • In addition to material choices, we offer various accessories to enhance the functionality and personalization of your package drop box. These include digital house numbers, different types of key locks, and mailbox flags.

What People Are Saying?

6-Step Production for Custom Drop Box for Packages

1. Design and Material Selection

Understand market needs and customer requirements, including size, shape, material, color, and features. Create initial sketches, then detailed 3D models using CAD software. Choose suitable materials like galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or plastic, and conduct quality checks.
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About Feliluke

Feliluke is a leading Chinese manufacturer of high-quality mailboxes, parcel boxes, and house numbers. Founded in 2010, we have grown steadily with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Our factory is equipped with advanced machinery, including AMADA laser machines, bending machines, punch presses, and powder coating lines. Covering 18,000 square meters, our facilities enable us to produce a diverse range of products from galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Our commitment to quality and design has earned us a loyal customer base both domestically and internationally. We collaborate with top designers from Japan, Spain, and Denmark to create stylish and functional products. Our dedicated R&D team is always ready to develop custom designs to meet specific client needs. At Feliluke, we also offer comprehensive OEM and ODM services to ensure we deliver exactly what our clients require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the specific product line and customization requirements. Please reach out to our product specialists for detailed information regarding the MOQ for the product you are interested in.
We strive to accommodate orders of various sizes to meet our customers diverse needs so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Standard production takes 2-4 weeks, depending on order volume and customization. We guarantee on-time delivery and will keep you updated.

Yes, we offer over 50 self-developed designs and various customization options. You can choose different sizes, colors, and lock types. Our R&D team can also assist from concept to final product.

We have advanced equipment and efficient production lines. Our factory can produce over 5,000 lockers per month, ensuring timely delivery.

Consult Your Feliluke Package Delivery Box & Mailbox Experts

Our expert team provides tailored package delivery box solutions for your business, ensuring top quality, reasonable pricing, and on-time delivery to meet all your expectations.

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