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Starting at $299.99

Receives Multiple Mail & Packages

External Dims: 18 x 15 x 40 in

Max Package Size: 14″ x 14″ x 9.75″ 

A combination of white and black Feliluke Parcel Drop Boxes
Starting at $299.99

Weight: 59lb; Material: Steel

Large Capacity & Secure Feature

Weatherproof & Easy Assembly

The Feliluke Delivery Sign Stickers are prominently displayed.
Starting at $19.99

Weatherproof & durable

External Dims: 10×7 inches

Packaging: 2 pcs in 1 envelope

how it works


Learn about the operation of the Feliluke mail and package box! Step 1: Mail carriers and delivery drivers easily deposit deliveries in the top drawer.

TOP Drop Slot for Mails​

LETTER is clearly marked on top drop slot. So couriers will deliver your mails into it.


Open compartment of a Feliluke Package Delivery Box containing delivered packages.

Drop Package Off

Simply open the drop door, a courier can drop your package off easily. Large drop door is perfect for receiving a wide variety of mails, packages, and parcels.


Homeowner unlocking the Feliluke Package Delivery Box to retrieve parcels.

Secure Locking System

The interior features a secure lock which maintains the parcel box closed and your packages secure. You will never have to worry about your packages, even if you are away from home for a long time.

keep your mail and packages safe

You may face the problem that mail and packages being stolen or wet or damaged by unwanted weather. You may face the problem of identity theft. No worries right now. Feliluke package delivery box will keep your mail and packages safe.

Experience convenience with Feliluke's oversized black mail and package locker, securely installed at the porch. Watch as a woman, dressed in a stylish blue top and jeans, joyfully opens the locker using a key.
Feliluke's efficient, swing-down door allows for hassle-free package deposits

super large capacity

Feliluke mail and package delivery box offers super large storage space which can hold multiple packages until you retrieve them. No worries about receiving packages during holiday or vacation.

place on your porch or at your curb

You can place Feliluke package delivery box either on your porch or at your curb. It’s easily accessed by mail carriers and delivery drivers.

Close-up of a waterproof Feliluke package delivery sign sticker with water droplets, showcasing the brands Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

waterproof & durable sign sticker

Aren’t you tired of how your packages are delivered and always placed at the wrong place ?? The Feliluke parcel sign is the solution to your concerns. The logo does the talking ! Attach it on your Feliluke Anti-theft Package box for precise, secure deliveries.

Customer Reviews

Assorted cardboard packages and yellow bubble mailers are scattered in front of a home, while the homeowner opens the green door in preparation to receive the deliveries.
A combination of white and black Feliluke Parcel Drop Boxes
why this box

the modern mail & package box

Protect your packages and mails from being stolen, damaged, and rained

spacious space

Accepts most of the packages. Maximum size of the box 14 x 8 x 12 inch.

mail and package

With a top mail slot and front package door, Feliluke mail and package box allows you to receive both mail and packages securely.

secure lock

Prevent mail and package theft and protect identity info.

weather proof

Keep your mails and packages dry from rain and snow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feliluke mail & package box is a heavy and large object. 

Additionally, all mail & package boxes come with an anchoring kit to secure to the ground which can help prevent it from being taken.


4 Expansion screws - Essential components of the Feliluke Modern Mail and Package Box kit, ensuring secure installation by bolting the box into the ground.

The largest size package that can fit inside is 14” x 8” x 12”. And, approximately 7-14 days of mail can be stored inside.

Spacious interior accommodating the maximum box size that the Feliluke box can hold, ensuring ample storage capacity for various packages.

Yes, anchoring into wood or concrete by four bolts that are included in the package.

Customer example:

Customer review picture: Feliluke black parcel delivery box at the curb in the yard.

It’s easy! This mailbox must first be assembled by following some simple steps. Then, it can be installed into concrete or wood decking using our included anchoring hardware. All hardware and easy to follow instructions come with the product.

  1. Assembly Instruction Video

Engaging video cover featuring step-by-step assembly instructions for the Feliluke modern mail and package box, simplifying the setup process.

       2. Installation Manual

Comprehensive instruction manual for the Feliluke modern mail and package box, guiding users through easy assembly and usage.

  • Place stickers on your box: You can buy our package delivery sticker and affix it to your box as shown in the example below:
Feliluke black mail and package box with eye-catching delivery sign stickers, enhancing visibility and functionality.
  • Provide instructions to delivery services: If you regularly receive deliveries from specific delivery services such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL, consider contacting their customer service or visiting their website to provide specific instructions about your parcel drop box. You can mention its location, any specific codes or access instructions if necessary, and request that they use the drop box for deliveries.

Each box comes with a unique lock and key. If you lose the key, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can send you a new lock and key for replacement.

Feliluke offers one-year free-replacement warranty for problems caused by product quality. Please contact us at if you have any problem or question about the product. We will evaluate your warranty claim at soonest and give you the solution.

**Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.  Or Contact us

your deliveries, your way

large capacity, secure, weatherproof, a modern mail & package delivery box

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