Apartment Living: How to Keep Your Deliveries Safe from Package Theft


The convenience of online shopping and doorstep delivery has become a staple of modern life. However, this convenience comes with a downside – the rising problem of package theft, particularly in apartment lobbies. This blog delves into the severity of this issue, its impact, and explores effective measures to prevent such thefts.

Understanding Package Theft in Apartment Lobbies

Package theft, commonly known as ‘porch piracy’, is a growing concern. According to a report from Security.org, 44% of Americans have had a package stolen, with 17% reporting such incidents in the past three months. This issue is particularly acute in apartment settings. While individual homes face their share of risks, with 49% of thefts occurring there, apartment lobbies are increasingly vulnerable. As Chamberofcommerce.org notes, about 42% of these incidents are now happening in multi-unit residential buildings. But what drives this trend, and more importantly, how can residents safeguard their deliveries in such shared spaces?

Understanding Package Theft in Apartment Lobbies

Why is Package Theft in Apartment Complexes on the Rise?

Residents in apartment complexes are increasingly voicing their concerns over a growing problem: package theft. As the trend of online shopping accelerates, apartment lobbies, brimming with deliveries, have become a hotbed for opportunistic and organized thefts.

A Personal Encounter: Jenna, a resident of Maplewood Apartments, shares her story on Reddit. “I ordered a laptop, and it was gone within hours of delivery. Our lobby is always cluttered with boxes. It’s an open invitation for thieves,” she laments. Stories like Jenna’s are becoming all too common, underscoring a pressing need for solutions.

  1. The Online Shopping Surge: A significant driver of this trend is the boom in online shopping. A recent survey by Tidio projects that global e-commerce will surpass $7 trillion by 2024. This staggering figure correlates with an influx of deliveries in apartment complexes, which often lack the robust security of single-family homes.
  2. Insufficient Apartment Security: Many complexes lack essential security features, leaving packages vulnerable. A delivery driver, speaking anonymously, notes, “In some buildings, I might as well be leaving packages on the sidewalk.”
  3. Limited Surveillance: The absence of adequate surveillance in these buildings only exacerbates the issue, providing a low-risk environment for package thieves.
  4. Diverse Perspectives on Security Measures: According to a survey, 34% of burglaries occur through the front door. While video intercoms and package lockers are increasingly recognized as essential, their adoption in apartment complexes is slow. Building managers argue the cost and logistics are prohibitive, while residents, like Jenna, demand better protection for their deliveries.
Why is Package Theft in Apartment Complexes on the Rise?

How to Prevent Package Theft in Apartments?

To effectively combat the challenge of package theft, both residents and building management can join forces and implement a variety of practical strategies. These measures are not only easy to adopt but also significantly enhance the security of your deliveries:

  • Be Quick to Pick Up: Act fast and collect your parcels promptly. The less time a package spends unattended, the safer it is.
  • Customize Delivery Instructions: Get creative with your delivery options. Consider having packages left in inconspicuous spots or with a trustworthy neighbor if you’re not around.
  • Use Package Tracking:: Stay one step ahead with delivery tracking and instant notifications. This way, you’re always in the loop about your package’s whereabouts.
  • Install Security Measures: Advocate for additional security measures with your apartment management. Consider the installation of more surveillance cameras, particularly in the package room or the parcel hall, to ensure the safety of all deliveries.
  • Request Signature Confirmation: When possible, choose signature-required deliveries. This ensures your items are handed directly to you or a designated recipient, reducing the risk of theft.

These proactive steps can create a more secure and worry-free environment for everyone in your building, making the ordeal of lost or stolen packages a thing of theW past.

How to Prevent Package Theft in Apartments?

8 Key Steps to Retrieve Stolen Packages from Your Apartment Lobby

Dealing with a stolen package can be frustrating, but there are clear steps you can take to address the situation. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Confirm Delivery: Check the tracking information from services like FedEx, USPS, or Amazon to ensure your package was delivered. If it was, but you don’t have it, it might be stolen.
  2. Renter’s Insurance Claim: If stolen, check if your renter’s insurance covers the loss. File a claim with necessary documentation like receipts and a police report.
  3. Contact Delivery Service: Inform the delivery company about the theft. They might offer assistance or compensation.
  4. Ask Neighbors: Sometimes neighbors keep packages for safety or the delivery person might have left it with them. Check with your neighbors.
  5. Credit Card Reimbursement: Some credit cards offer theft protection. If you used such a card, you might get a refund or credit.
  6. Reach Out to Retailer: Inform the retailer about the theft. They may resend the item, refund, or offer store credit, depending on their policy.
  7. Review Security Footage: Check any available security footage for evidence of the theft and use it to support your claims to police, the delivery service, or insurance.
  8. File a Police Report: Report the theft to the police. This helps in tracking crime patterns and could prevent future thefts.
8 Key Steps to Retrieve Stolen Packages from Your Apartment Lobby

Additional Measures:

  1. Inform Apartment Management: Notify your building management and discuss enhancing security measures like installing cameras or secure delivery systems.
  2. Update Delivery Instructions: Provide specific instructions for safe package placement to delivery services.
  3. Monitor for Identity Theft: If sensitive information was in the package, watch for signs of identity theft on your bank statements and credit reports. Consider identity theft protection services.

How Can Residents Help Prevent Package Theft?

  1. Be Home for Deliveries and be quick to pick up: Try to schedule your package deliveries for times when you’re home. Act fast and collect your parcels promptly. The less time a package spends unattended, the safer it is.
  2. Customize Delivery Instructions: Get creative with your delivery options. Consider having packages left in inconspicuous spots or with a trustworthy neighbor if you’re not around.
  3. Utilize Tracking and Notifications: Take advantage of package tracking and delivery notification services offered by online retailers and delivery services. This allows you to stay informed about the whereabouts of your packages and receive updates on their delivery status.

3. Opt for Signature Confirmation: Whenever possible, request signature confirmation for your deliveries. This ensures your package is handed over only to someone who can provide a signature, reducing the chance of theft.

How Can Residents Help Prevent Package Theft?

What Can Apartment Management Do to Combat Package Theft?

  1. Install Surveillance Systems: Installing video cameras in key areas like entrances, mailrooms, and common areas can deter potential thieves and help in identifying perpetrators.
  2. Create Secure Package Rooms or Lockers: Creating designated areas for package delivery equipped with individual lockers or secure rooms can minimize the risk of packages being left unattended and vulnerable to theft.
  3. Collaborate with Delivery Companies by Using Smart Lockers: Working with delivery services to provide alternative delivery options, like Amazon Hub 그리고 아마존 사물함 outside the buildings or scheduled delivery times, can significantly reduce theft incidents.
  4. Promote Community Awareness: Promoting neighborhood watch programs and regular community meetings can raise awareness about package theft and encourage residents to report suspicious activities.
  5. Partner with Major Delivery Services: Establishing partnerships with companies like Amazon for secure drop-off solutions, especially during high-volume periods like the holiday season, can be beneficial.
What Can Apartment Management Do to Combat Package Theft?


In conclusion, the issue of package theft in apartment complexes is a multifaceted problem that demands a collaborative approach from residents, apartment management, and delivery services. By understanding the reasons behind the rise in thefts and implementing practical measures, communities can significantly reduce the risk of package theft and enhance the security of their deliveries.

For residents, simple actions like being home for deliveries, customizing delivery instructions, and utilizing tracking and notifications are key to ensuring package safety. Apartment management can play a crucial role by installing surveillance systems, creating secure package rooms or lockers, collaborating with delivery companies, and fostering a community-aware approach to security.

Moreover, in the unfortunate event of a theft, knowing the steps to retrieve stolen packages, from checking delivery confirmation to filing a police report, empowers residents to respond effectively. Preventing package theft requires vigilance and proactive strategies, but by working together, apartment dwellers can safeguard their deliveries and enjoy the convenience of online shopping with peace of mind.

As we embrace the future of e-commerce, let’s not forget the importance of security in our shared spaces. By adopting these measures, we can transform our apartment lobbies from vulnerable points into safe havens for our precious deliveries. The key lies in awareness, action, and cooperation, making our apartment communities not only a place to live but also a secure space for our modern lifestyles.

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