Temu Shipping: Costs, Timelines, and Tips for Efficient Delivery


When ordering from Temu, you likely have two key questions. How long is the shipping time, and what are the costs? Our guide dives straight into Temu shipping, detailing the exact timelines you can expect, from standard to express delivery, and breaking down the cost structure for each option. Familiarize yourself with Temu’s efficient delivery system without navigating through any fluff, and prepare to shop with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • Temu offers free standard shipping for the majority of orders. If you opt for express shipping, there is no charge on orders over $129. A fee of $12.90 applies to all other express shipments.

  • Additional shipping fees apply for special services or when orders fall below the free shipping threshold, and Temu provides clear upfront costs to avoid surprises at checkout.

  • Temu’s return policy allows customers to return most items within a 90-day window, with the first return free of charge and subsequent returns incurring a fee to cover processing costs.

Temu Logo
TEMU logo

To cater to the diverse needs of its customers, Temu offers a wide range of shipping services. Depending on your requirements, you have the option to choose from standard shipping which strikes a balance between cost and delivery time, express shipping for faster delivery in just a few days.

The efficiency and speed of these options depend on various factors that determine their delivery times. Let us explore them further.

How Much Does Temu Shipping Cost and How Long Does It Take?

How Much is Temu Shipping and How Long Does It Ship?
How Much is Temu Shipping and How Long Does It Ship?

Temu Standard Shipping:

Temu’s Shipping Cost is not always free. For most orders, Standard Shipping is offered at no extra cost, making it an attractive choice for cost-conscious shoppers. This option is favored for its balance of cost-efficiency and reliability. Standard Shipping typically takes between 6 to 20 days for delivery. The duration is influenced by factors like the availability of items in overseas warehouses, prevailing weather conditions, and flight arrangements.

Keep in mind that when opting for free standard shipping, tracking information becomes available only once your item is transferred to a local carrier. This means for international orders, you can’t track the package’s journey until it reaches and is handed off to a carrier in the U.S.

Temu Express Shipping:

Geared towards more urgent needs, Express Shipping promises a faster delivery time of 4 to 9 days. This service is ideal for time-sensitive orders or last-minute gifts. The speed, however, comes with a price – a flat fee of $12.90 for orders under $129. But fear not! Orders above this amount can avail of free express shipping.

Tracking Your Temu Purchase from Start to Finish

Now let’s explore how exactly this tracking information can be accessed and what measures should be taken in case there is any delay with the delivery of your package.

How to Track Your TEMU Orders?

how to track my Temu Orders?

It is effortless to monitor your Temu order with just a few clicks. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Log in using either the website or app of Temu.

  2. Choose the specific order that needs tracking.

  3. Click on the ‘Track’ button.

  4. Heads up: You’ll be able to check out details about shipping and get an estimated time for delivery.

You can access more precise tracking information like your unique tracking number from their respective carrier’s platform through their site or application.

What to Do If Your Package Is Delayed

We have all been in the situation where we eagerly follow our online purchase, only to discover that it is delayed. While Temu strives for prompt deliveries, there may be instances where delays are out of their control.

In case your package does not reach within the expected timeframe, rest assured that Temu will provide compensation into your account, a $5 credit for standard shipping and a $13 for express shipping. Alternatively, you can also opt for a refund and reject the delivery upon its arrival if preferred.

Where are Temu Products Shipped From?


Most products from Temu are directly dispatched by Chinese suppliers and factories associated with the prominent e-commerce giant in China. These items are usually stored in warehouses located in China before being shipped out. While there are also some products shipped within US borders, no matter where you reside, you will still have access to Temu’s diverse range of offerings.

Does Temu Ship to My Country?

You can be confident that Temu delivers to your location as they have a wide global coverage. To confirm, you may refer to the list of supported countries on their website or during the checkout process.

Temu Return Policy

Temu's hassle-free return policy
Temu’s hassle-free return policy

In the realm of online shopping, being able to easily return items is a major advantage. Temu recognizes this and has implemented a clear-cut policy for returns. Whether you are dissatisfied with your purchase or have simply had a change of heart, most items can be returned within 90 days from their date of purchase through our process.

Exceptions to the return policy include:

  • Clothing that has been worn, washed, or damaged, or missing tags, original packaging, or hygiene stickers, or if part of a set is missing.

  • Products marked as non-returnable.

  • Custom-made items.

  • Certain free gifts.

How to Make a Return On Temu?

How to make a return on Temu? (img from Temu.com)
How to Make a Return on TEMU? (img from temu.com)

To return an item to Temu, you just need a few clicks as below:

  1. Visit Temu Website: Navigate to Temu’s official website.

  2. Access Your Orders: Click on ‘Your Orders.’

  3. Initiate Return: Select ‘Return/Refund’ for the item you wish to return.

  4. Check Eligibility: Ensure the item is eligible for return. It must be within 90 days of the original purchase date and in its original condition and packaging.

  5. Follow Return Instructions: Once the return is initiated, Temu’s website will provide instructions. These may involve dropping off the item at designated locations or scheduling a pick-up service for the package.

Subsequent Returns and Associated Costs

While the initial return is complimentary, additional returns may involve a charge. If you are returning multiple items from one order, each item will be subject to a $7.99 fee in order for Temu to cover processing expenses and maintain their liberal return policy.

It’s important to carefully review your orders before making any returns on temu.com in order to avoid unnecessary charges.

Customer Care at Temu

If you encounter a delay in receiving your order or have any questions regarding it, don’t hesitate to reach out to Temu’s customer service team. They can be reached by calling 1-888-495-8368 or using their live chat feature for immediate support. Their representatives are available between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm EST, specifically trained to assist with shipping-related matters and address any inquiries customers may have about delivery times.

자주하는 질문

Why Does Temu Give Free Stuff?

parcel, to you, ribbon

Have you ever wondered about Temu’s motivation for giving away free products? The reason behind this strategy is actually quite straightforward, it serves as a promotional tactic to entice potential customers and engage current ones. Through offering complimentary items, not only does Temu attract new users, but also cultivates loyalty among its existing customer base.

Whether you’re a fresh user or an established patron of the brand, there will always be opportunities to receive some free goodies from Temu.

Is temu free gift legit?

Temu’s free giveaways are completely legitimate and part of their promotional efforts. These gifts can be obtained in various ways, such as signing up as a new user, referring friends or participating in the app’s games. So you can trust that these freebies are genuine and serve as an enjoyable means to discover the diverse selection of items offered by Temu.

Are the temu free gifts real?

Temu’s real and enticing free gifts are part of their promotional techniques to increase customer base and improve user engagement on the platform. Both new users and returning customers can take advantage of these complimentary offers.

How to get free stuff on temu?

How to get free stuff on temu?
How to get free stuff on Temu?

Receiving free items on Temu is a simple process. Take advantage of these methods to get complimentary goodies.

  • Register for an account and receive a $100 voucher as a welcome gift.

  • Invite your friends to join Temu through the referral program.

  • Participate in promotional events and play games within the app.

temu popup screenshot
Temu website popup

Where does Temu ship from?

Temu operates an online marketplace where it offers a wide variety of products at substantially lower prices. This is achieved by directly sourcing from manufacturers in China, bypassing intermediaries. This direct method leads to significant cost reductions, which Temu translates into discounts for its customers. These discounted products are available exclusively on their marketplace.

Is Temu always free shipping?

Temu provides complimentary standard shipping for the majority of their products, with an estimated delivery time of 6-20 days. For faster delivery, customers have the option to choose express shipping at a cost of $12.90 for orders under $129. This expedited option typically takes between 4 and 9 days to arrive.

Who delivers for Temu in USA?

who delivers for TEMU in USA?

Temu employs several trusted delivery services, including DHL, USPS, UPS, to ship orders within the United States. To these carriers, Temu also utilizes Canada Post and Australia Post for deliveries in specific regions. To ensure timely and efficient shipping worldwide, Temu has partnered with Correos and Postal Service.


Temu’s shipping services provide a well-rounded combination of efficiency, speed, and cost. No matter if you select Standard or Express, rest assured that your package will be delivered reliably with clear communication at every stage. The majority of orders are eligible for free shipping and the return policy is simple to follow with dedicated customer care support available should any issues arise. For an effortless online shopping experience from start to finish, Temu can always be trusted whether it’s your first time purchasing or you’re a regular shopper.

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