tudo, em uma caixa

super large, lockable, waterproof – our meticulous designs are all in this box.

Diversos pacotes de papelão e malas-diretas amarelas estão espalhados na frente de uma casa, enquanto o proprietário abre a porta verde se preparando para receber as entregas.
Uma combinação de caixas de entrega de pacotes Feliluke brancas e pretas
por que essa caixa

a moderna caixa de correio e pacote

Proteja seus pacotes e correspondências contra roubos, danos e chuva

espaço espaçoso

Aceita a maioria dos pacotes. Tamanho máximo da caixa 14 x 8 x 12 polegadas.

correio e pacote

Com um slot de correio superior e uma porta frontal para pacotes, a caixa de correio e pacotes Feliluke permite que você receba correspondências e pacotes com segurança.

bloqueio seguro

Evite o roubo de correspondências e pacotes e proteja as informações de identidade.

à prova de intempéries

Mantenha suas correspondências e pacotes secos da chuva e da neve.

Brand History

Woman crouching by a secure Feliluke package delivery box outside a residential home


Try e-commerce business

Two members as a team, we started the e-commerce business by distributing an outdoor folded car shelter on Amazon.

Got an idea from complaint

Some clients complained their packages in front of the door were stolen. Some clients ordered at home, while when package arrived they were out for a long holiday. So, is it possible to design a package delivery box?

New product package box released

The modern mail and package delivery box was designed and released on Amazon store.

New stage

We redefined our mission and brand value. Feliluke will be a line of outdoor products - mainly on furnitures - that are super simple, useful, and beautiful.

All, in one box

“I enjoy online shopping, but I’ve grown weary of the frustrating experiences that come with receiving packages. Coming home after a busy day of work to find packages scattered messily at my doorstep truly dampens my spirits. Additionally, there are instances where the packages get soaked by rain or snow, or worse, fall victim to theft. Each time it happens, it feels like my day is left incomplete.”

Through our long-standing involvement in cross-border e-commerce, we have repeatedly listened to the challenges faced by our users in receiving their packages. This prompted us to reflect upon the question: “How can we provide assistance to our valued users?” From this contemplation, Feliluke was born.

Feliluke’s mail & parcel dual-purpose delivery locker features a three-dimensional cabinet design with a secure lock. Not only is it safe, but it also occupies minimal floor space while accommodating a large number of packages. The box excellently solves the problems of disorderly, damaged, and stolen packages faced by avid online shoppers. Moreover, our mail & package boxes are constructed with heavy-duty steel, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Given the limited time to enjoy life due to busy work schedules. We wish Feiluke could bring worry-free and blissful experience of receiving package to you.

Customers express their parcel delivery concerns to Feliluke sales through text messages, and Feliluke is committed to actively listening to and addressing their needs.
Conheça o funcionamento da caixa de correio e encomendas Feliluke! Passo 1: Os transportadores de correio e os entregadores depositam facilmente as entregas na gaveta superior.
Reproduzir vídeo sobre Conheça o funcionamento da caixa de correio e encomendas Feliluke! Passo 1: Os transportadores de correio e os entregadores depositam facilmente as entregas na gaveta superior.
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