How Long Does Temu Take to Ship? Temu Shipping Guide


Temu has quickly risen in the ranks of online shopping platforms, offering various products that promise quality and value. Since its U.S. launch in 2022, Temu has surged in the competitive online shopping market, boasting over 100 million app downloads by April 2023 and a staggering monthly download count exceeding 40 million by September of the same year.

Consumers wonder about its legitimacy and efficiency as it captures more attention, especially regarding shipping. This guide aims to shed light on Temu, detailing everything from its distribution centers and shipping origins to its shipping policies and costs. We’ll look at average shipping times, understand the variables that affect these timelines, and provide a clear breakdown of how to track, manage, and expedite your orders. Whether you’re a first-time shopper or a frequent user, get ready to gain insights and tips to enhance your Temu shopping experience.

What is Temu? Is Temu Legit?

What is Temu?

Temu is a burgeoning e-commerce platform swiftly gaining popularity among a global audience. Known for its extensive range of products, from fashion to electronics, home goods to beauty essentials, Temu offers items directly from Chinese factories and warehouses at incredibly low prices.

It is based in Boston, Massachusetts, but it operates as part of PDD Holdings Inc., a multinational conglomerate behind Pinduoduo, one of China’s largest online marketplaces. This connection lends Temu a significant degree of legitimacy in the e-commerce space.

How long does Temu take to ship?

Temu typically takes 7-15 business days for standard shipping within the U.S. Express options are available for faster delivery, usually within 3-7 business days. International shipping can extend to 15-30 business days. Times vary based on location, shipping method, and order processing.

Here’s a simplified table representing the time differences:

Shipping TypeU.S. Delivery Time
(Business Days)
Standard7-15Free on Most Orders
Express3-7$12.90 shipping fee for orders under $129.00. Free for orders of $129.00 or more.
Time difference between standard and Express (TEMU)

Temu Shipping Policy

Does Temu Ship Internationally?

Yes, Temu does offer international shipping. While Temu’s main operations are based in the US, its services are accessible across many countries and regions. The platform accommodates domestic and international shipping, catering to a global customer base.

Here is a list of countries and regions Temu currently ships to:

BelgiumJordanPuerto Rico
ChileLatviaSaudi Arabia
Czech RepublicLuxembourgSlovenia
FranceNetherlandsThe Republic of Cyprus
GermanyNew ZealandUnited Arab Emirates
GreeceNorthern Mariana IslandsUnited Kingdom
GuamNorwayUnited States (including the Virgin Islands)
HungaryOmanVirgin Islands
**The countries and regions where Temu delivers to (

How Does the Return Policy Work at Temu?

Temu offers a 90-day return window for products that are eligible for return. Customers looking to return items due to dissatisfaction, defects, or incorrect orders can typically do so with ease. The company often pays the initial return shipping fee, providing a more customer-friendly experience. Once the return is received and inspected, Temu processes refunds or exchanges to resolve the situation. But remember to return your package within 14 days after making the return request.

Addressing Special Circumstances with Temu Deliveries:

a TEMU pacakges in the front of the door, orange polymailer with wihte loge

When dealing with lost packages, damaged goods, or delayed deliveries, Temu’s approach is aimed at resolving these issues effectively:

  1. Lost Packages: If a package doesn’t arrive, the customer may need to contact customer service. The usual procedure involves an investigation and, depending on the situation, a potential reshipment or refund.
  2. Damaged or Defective Items: Customers can usually return them for a refund or exchange for items that arrive damaged or don’t function as expected. The specifics can typically be handled through customer service.
  3. Delivery Delays: Delays can happen due to various external factors. While the specifics of how Temu addresses these issues aren’t always public, customers are often advised to expect communication and instructions on how to proceed.

Is Temu Shipping Always Free?

Hands are typing on a laptop, and the Temu logo, set against an orange background, is displayed on the computer screen.

As you wade through the complexities of online shopping, “Is Temu Shipping Always Free?” becomes essential for those watching their budget. You want to grab those deals without the sting of hidden costs, especially regarding shipping.

Temu offers free shipping for most items under Standard Shipping, tempting with a cost-effective allure for patient shoppers. Yet, for those in a rush, Express Shipping is available at a fee—$12.90 for swift delivery. For orders exceeding $129, get this faster service for free. A sweet spot in Temu’s policy is its commitment to customer satisfaction: if delivery lags beyond promised timelines, shoppers earn store credits, making that next purchase more gratifying.

Feliluke Secure Package Delivery Box: Managing Your multiple TEMU deliveries on the porch

Unpacking the Factors Impacting Temu’s Shipping Time

When you click ‘buy’ on Temu, your order begins a journey filled with various factors that influence how quickly it arrives at your doorstep. Understanding these elements can help set realistic expectations and guide you to make better shipping choices.

1. Destination

The distance your package travels plays a significant role. Orders to nearby regions generally arrive faster than those sent to remote areas. International shipments may also face additional delays due to customs and local delivery protocols.

2. Shipping Method:

Temu offers Standard and Express shipping options. Standard Shipping is economical, taking 6 to 20 days, while Express ensures faster delivery within 4 to 9 days but at a higher cost. Your choice can balance urgency against expense, with specific rates and timelines detailed at checkout.

an UPS Van & a DHL Van

3. Product Availability

If the item is in stock, it will likely ship more quickly. Items on backorder may add time to the processing stage before the item leaves the warehouse.

4. Order Processing Time

This is when it takes Temu to receive, process, and prepare your order for shipping. During busy periods or for items that require additional handling, this period may be extended.

5. Weather Conditions

Temu’s shipping, whether by air or sea, can be significantly impacted by weather conditions. Air shipments may face delays due to storms or severe weather, while rough seas or port closures might slow maritime routes down. Such environmental factors can extend the delivery time of your international order, affecting both standard and express shipping options.

few cars are under the dark sky. The weather is terrrible.

6. Shipping Carriers

Delivery times are influenced by the chosen carriers and their operational efficiency. For instance, while FedEx might offer rapid and extensive service, others could experience delays from limited capacity or logistical challenges.

7. Holiday Events

During popular shopping periods like Black Friday and Christmas, Temu’s processing and carrier delivery can slow down due to a surge in orders. These peak times often lead to congested shipping routes and longer processing queues, extending the wait for your items.

a lot of paper bags printed wiht sale! There is a small cart with a white gift box among bags.

Incorrect shipping information, payment delays, or not being available to receive the package can all delay the final delivery time.

By understanding these factors, you can better plan your orders and manage your expectations regarding delivery times from Temu. Remember that while some elements are within your control, others remain unpredictable, like weather and carrier efficiency. Always check the estimated delivery time at checkout and consider these variables when ordering, especially for time-sensitive purchases.

How to Track Your Temu Orders?

1. Temu Official Site or app

*How to track your order on Temu App

Checking the status of your TEMU order is straightforward, whether you’re using a web browser or the TEMU app. Follow these steps to stay updated on your purchase:

  1. Log In: Start by logging into your TEMU account on the website or app.
  2. Go to ‘My Orders’: Once logged in, navigate to the ‘My Orders’ section. This is typically found in the account or user menu.
  3. Select the Order: Your recent orders will be listed here. Click or tap on the specific order you wish to check.
  4. View Order Details: On selecting the order, you will be directed to a detailed page showing the order’s status, tracking information, and estimated delivery date.
*How to track your oder on


  • Ensure your app is updated to the latest version for a smooth experience.
  • If available, click on the tracking number for detailed logistics information.
  • Contact TEMU customer service directly through the app or website for any issues or further inquiries about your order.

2. The Website or App of Your Shipping Carrier

Entering your tracking number on the carrier’s website or app effectively monitors your shipment’s status.

For example, if FedEx is your carrier, simply visit their homepage, find the “Tracking” option, and enter your number. You’ll be served with all the current details of your package’s whereabouts and expected arrival. It’s an easy way to stay updated and a bit of reassurance that your item is on its way.

3. Order Tracking software

Alternatively, you can utilize third-party tracking websites like 17track, Track123, or Parcel Panel to keep tabs on your order.

With Track123, for instance, just input your tracking number into the provided field and press the tracking button. You’ll receive a comprehensive update on the status of your order. Track123 usually identifies the carrier for you, but if it doesn’t, you can manually select the correct one by navigating to the “Carrier” option. This way, you stay informed about your shipment’s journey at every step.

Track123 home page

How to Handle Delayed Orders on Temu?

When your Temu order is delayed, contact Temu’s customer service immediately. If delays are due to long processing or slow shipping, consider waiting a few more days. Temu compensates with $5 for Standard e $13 for Express Shipping if not delivered by the promised time. You can also request a refund and refuse delivery. If your order is lost, ask for a replacement or a refund. Each step ensures you’re either compensated or have a clear resolution path for delayed or lost orders.

How to Get Fast Delivery on Temu?

an Fedex airplane at the airport, waiting to take off

For quicker delivery of your Temu orders, a few strategic choices can make a big difference. Here are some tips:

  • Choose Express Shipping: Select express delivery for faster transit times. It costs more but significantly reduces the waiting period.
  • Verify Your Address: Double-check your address details for accuracy. Errors can lead to misdeliveries or returns, causing delays.
  • Order Early During Events: Shop before or at the start of big sales events like Black Friday to avoid the rush and potential stock issues.
  • Monitor Shipping Status: Regularly check your order’s progress. Early awareness of any delays can help you take proactive measures.


a women is taking the packages from Feliluke white pacakge delivery box. She is satisfied with this item.
Feeliluke Secure Package Delivery Box

Regarding shipping, Temu usually takes 6 to 20 days for standard and 4 to 9 days for express. This time can vary, especially for items shipped from overseas. Always keep track of your orders and contact customer service if there’s an issue.

And, if you’re concerned about lost packages or managing multiple deliveries, consider the Feliluke Package Delivery Box for a secure and convenient way to receive your Temu orders. It’s an excellent solution for avid shoppers to ensure your purchases are safe and collected conveniently.

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