Top 10 Ways for Effective Package Theft Prevention


Online shopping has become increasingly popular, especially during the 2020-2021 epidemic. During the lockdown, online shopping became necessary. It allowed people to get what they needed without going out. In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. Statista forecasts that e-retail revenues will rise to about 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026. This highlights the rapid growth of online shopping. Online shopping is becoming more popular because it’s convenient.

Package theft is becoming more common as online shopping becomes more popular. According to a report from CBS News, nearly 90% of Americans have fallen victim to package theft. The alarming statistic shows how serious the issue is and why we need effective package theft prevention strategies. Package theft is not only annoying, but it also costs a lot of money. According to the report, the average stolen package is worth about $140. As we shop more online, we need to protect our packages and make sure they get to the right person.

Are you tired of package theft ruining your online shopping experience? Fear not! In this blog post, we’ll share the top 10 methods for package theft prevention that can help you effectively prevent package theft at home, ensuring your deliveries arrive safely and stay protected.

Use Secure Delivery Locations

image from Amazon hub

To avoid package theft, choose safe delivery options such as Amazon Lockers, UPS Access Points, or workplace deliveries. These secure locations help ensure packages remain safe until you can collect them, saving you from the stress of stolen packages. Choosing these different ways to deliver your packages not only keeps them safe but also helps mail carriers work better.

Requiring a signature upon receipt is another strategy that provides an extra security layer. To protect valuable items, ask the shipper to put them in an extra box. This hides them and makes them less tempting to thieves. Also, a home security system installation can dissuade package theft.

Customizing Delivery Instructions

During online shopping checkout, it’s helpful to give clear instructions for delivery. Instructing delivery drivers to conceal packages behind objects or in specific areas reduces the likelihood of opportunistic thieves stealing your deliveries.

Provide detailed delivery instructions that clearly indicate where the package should be left safely. For example, you can request that the package be left behind a bush or tucked away in a hidden corner. This way, even if you’re not at home when the package arrives, it’s less likely to be stolen.

Scheduling and Tracking Deliveries

Another critical approach for preventing package theft is scheduling and tracking deliveries to avoid having your package stolen. Arrange for packages to arrive when you’re at home or require a signature for delivery to ensure they’re received securely. Package tracking services provided by delivery companies such as Amazon, USPS, and UPS can also help you monitor your deliveries and make necessary adjustments to delivery times.

One option for rerouting or rescheduling package delivery is through UPS, FedEx, and postal service web applications, which allow you to reroute parcels to alternate addresses and reschedule deliveries for a fee. This guarantees the delivery of your packages when someone can receive them, minimizing theft risk.

Investing in Package Delivery Box

Lockable and spacious package delivery box

Purchasing a lockable and weatherproof parcel box, like the Feliluke Package Delivery Box, is another effective strategy to prevent package theft. The secure delivery boxes hide packages and protect them from bad weather. This guarantees the safety of your deliveries until you collect them.

Features of Feliluke Package Delivery Box

  • Modern design, which receives both packages and mails

  • Super large capacity – hold your packages for 3 to 5 days

  • Lockable and durable

Feliluke Package Delivery Box

Displaying Package Delivery Signs

Feliluke Package Delivery Sign Sticker

Visible package delivery signs can also significantly deter potential porch pirates and ensure proper package placement. Posting signs that indicate 24-hour surveillance or provide delivery instructions can help keep your packages safe. These signs can also improve delivery efficiency, giving mail carriers and delivery drivers explicit guidance on where to place your packages.

With their bright and colorful graphics, package delivery sign stickers are easily visible from a distance, ensuring that couriers and drivers can spot them quickly. Clear instructions on these stickers ensure correct delivery addresses and notifications, decreasing the likelihood of theft or loss once the package is delivered.

Enhancing Home Security with Cameras and Video Doorbells

Security camera monitoring package delivery

Increasing your home security with cameras and video doorbells is another effective way to monitor package deliveries, deter thieves, and capture evidence in case of theft. A front door security camera should have a built-in siren, a 2K 4MP super H.D., and a motion sensor to be a strong deterrent against package theft.

Smart video doorbells, like Google Nest Doorbells, are Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell cameras that allow you to view and communicate with anyone at your doorstep. These devices deter thieves and provide valuable evidence if theft occurs. When selecting a security camera, visibility should be considered, and the camera should be placed at a height where it cannot be redirected away from the intended location.

Lighting Your Property with Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated spotlight illuminating property

Motion-activated spotlights or pathway lights can deter package thieves who operate at night and improve visibility for security cameras. Devices such as spotlight cameras, outdoor security cameras, or floodlight cameras are highly recommended to deter package theft and enhance your home security. These devices can be strategically installed at various points around your property, such as entrances, driveways, or porches, to provide a wide coverage area. Spotlight cameras can illuminate dark areas, making it difficult for thieves to approach undetected. Outdoor security cameras provide a constant feed of video footage, allowing you to monitor your property in real-time or review recorded footage in the event of a theft.

By selecting and installing the appropriate motion-activated lights during the holiday season, you can effectively reduce the risk of package theft and keep your property safe.

Using a Package Guard Device

Yet another strategy to consider for package theft prevention is using a Package Guard Device. This Wi-Fi-enabled device alerts you when a package has been delivered and placed on it. The device sends an alert to your phone when a package is placed on it and sets off a loud alarm if anyone tries to remove the package unauthorized. A package guard device not only notifies you of the delivery but also deters potential thieves, making it a dual-purpose solution.

Understanding the Limitations of a Package Guard Device

  1. Firstly, its effectiveness largely depends on the thief’s reaction to the alarm. Bold or desperate thieves might ignore the alarm and proceed with the theft, reducing its deterrent effect.

  2. Secondly, the device relies on a Wi-Fi connection to send alerts. Suppose your home has spotty Wi-Fi coverage, especially where the device is placed. In that case, it might fail to send timely notifications.

Building a Neighborhood Watch Network

Neighborhood watch collaboration

Collaborating with neighbors to create a Neighborhood Watch Network can help prevent package theft on a community level. Some steps to take include:

  1. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.

  2. Noticing any suspicious activities or individuals in your neighborhood.

  3. Reporting any concerns or incidents to local authorities. By working together, community members can collaboratively enhance neighborhood safety and reduce the risk of package theft.

Organizing periodic gatherings for residents to interact and become acquainted with one another can foster community and promote involvement in the Neighborhood Watch Network. Strengthening community ties enables residents to look after each other, report suspicious activities, and proactively prevent package theft.

A Neighborhood Watch Network helps deter potential criminals, keep an eye on deliveries and encourages residents to receive packages for one another, reducing the risk of package theft.

Insuring Valuable Packages

To guarantee reimbursement in case of theft or loss, it’s wise to consider insuring high-value packages. The shipper generally offers shipping insurance, and can be selected as an additional service during checkout. Assessing the item’s value and the potential risk of damage helps decide whether purchasing shipping insurance is necessary.

For example, if you’re ordering a pair of costly headphones, insuring the package can provide peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be reimbursed if the package is stolen or lost. Suppose you’re purchasing an expensive piece of jewelry as a gift. In that case, getting insurance for the package can ensure that you’re covered if the package goes missing or gets stolen.


With the current economic downturn and weakening social security, package theft has become a growing problem. As more people turn to online shopping, finding ways to protect our deliveries from theft is crucial. This article shares several simple strategies to help keep your packages safe. These include using safe drop-off locations, giving clear instructions to delivery drivers, and tracking your deliveries. Other tips include:

  • Use secure boxes for your packages.

  • Setting up security cameras.

  • Working with your neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s deliveries.

Following these steps can help prevent package theft and make your online shopping experience safer and more enjoyable.

perguntas frequentes

How can I prevent my package from being stolen?

Use video doorbells, delivery notifications, delivery boxes, Amazon Lockers, or package guard devices to prevent your package from being stolen. Additionally, consider taking advantage of package tracking, requiring a signature on delivery, and adding delivery instructions to keep packages off the front porch.

Do cameras prevent package theft?

Security cameras near the front door are an effective way to deter package theft. At the same time, you can’t rely solely on security cameras to prevent package theft because bold thieves might disregard them. Cameras can help law enforcement identify potential thieves if a theft occurs.

Where is package theft most common?

Top 10 worst metros for package theft 2023

image from safewise

What are some secure delivery locations to consider?

Traditional secure delivery locations include Amazon Lockers, UPS Access Points, FedEx Hold, In-store Pickup, P.O. Boxes, and workplace deliveries. A secure caixa de entrega de pacotes in front of the door is a modern way accepted widely by more and more home and enterprise owners.

Remember, the best option will depend on your specific needs and circumstances, so consider all these options and choose the one that works best for you.

How can I customize delivery instructions to prevent package theft?

Be sure to give delivery drivers clear instructions on where to leave packages, such as hidden behind objects, inside a porch box, under the backyard patio furniture, or in a designated area to prevent package theft.

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