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Online shopping has transformed the retail landscape, offering unparalleled convenience and variety at the click of a button. SHEIN, a global online retail powerhouse, stands at the forefront of this revolution, providing a vast array of trendy, affordable apparel and accessories for the fashion-conscious across genders and ages.

Yet, navigating the excitement of online purchases comes with anxieties, primarily around the arrival of your eagerly awaited items. Understanding and utilizing SHEIN’s tracking system is essential for a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

In this guide, we delve deep into the nuances of SHEIN tracking, offering practical advice and insights to ensure that your next fashion find is tracked from click to delivery. Engage with our comprehensive tips and enhance your SHEIN shopping journey, whether you’re a dedicated fan or exploring this fashion haven for the first time.

The Importance of Shein Order Tracking

Tracking your order is not just about knowing when your package will arrive; it’s about peace of mind and planning. You’re often excited about your new finds when you buy from Shein. Tracking your order reduces the anxiety of waiting and ensures you’re prepared to receive your package. It also adds a layer of transparency between Shein and you, building trust and customer satisfaction.

How to Find My Shein Tracking Number?

How to find my Shein Tracking Number?

Finding your SHEIN order’s tracking number is easy. Here are the steps to stay updated on your order’s journey:

  1. Go to SHEIN’s Website:
    • Open your preferred browser.
    • Enter the official SHEIN website: shein.com
  2. Access Your Account:
    • Click on “My Account” on the SHEIN homepage.
    • Sign in with the credentials you used to place your order.
  3. View Your Order History:
    • Once signed in, select “My Orders.”
    • This leads you to a list of all your orders.
  4. Select Your Order:
    • Locate the order you wish to track.
    • Click “View Details” for a full overview of your order.
  5. Find the Tracking Option:
    • If your order’s status is “Shipped,” a “Track” option will appear.
    • Click “Track” to see your order’s current status and location.
  6. Confirm Delivery for Bonus Points:
    • After your order has arrived, confirm its delivery on SHEIN’s website.
    • Enjoy collecting Bonus Points as a reward!

Follow these steps, and you’ll have your SHEIN tracking number and updates at your fingertips!

How Can I Track My Shein Order?

How to track my Shein Order on App?

Stay on top of your Shein order’s journey with these straightforward tracking options:

  • On Shein Website:
    • Go to the SHEIN website.
    • Sign in through “My Account”.
    • Click on “My Orders” to see all your purchases.
    • Choose the order you want to track and click “View Details.”
    • If the order is “Shipped,” click “Track” to see its route and location.
    • Once it arrives, confirm delivery to get Bonus Points.
  • Tracking Orders on the SHEIN Mobile App:
    • Launch the SHEIN app on your device.
    • Log into your account.
    • Hit the “Me” icon, then go to “My Orders.”
    • Select the order you want details on and press “Track.”
    • You’ll see all the tracking info, including carrier and tracking number.
picture via shein.com
  • Tracking Orders on third-party tracking websites, like 17 Track, Track123, or Parcel Panel:

Copy and paste your tracking number into the search field of the third-party website. You can see a comprehensive update on your order status when you press “enter.” The tracking website will auto-identify the carrier for you. However, you can manually select the correct one through the “auto-detect” carrier option button if it doesn’t. You can stay informed about your shipment in an all-in-one application or website.

Using these methods, you’ll have all the information about your Shein order’s whereabouts and estimated arrival time!

How Long Does It Take Shein to Ship?

In most cases, your SHEIN order can arrive between 2 to 30 days, influenced by your chosen shipping method—Economy, Standard, or Express—and where you live. Each option balances speed and cost differently.

Economy Shipping:

The most budget-friendly option generally takes about a month (~30 days) to deliver. SHEIN mainly partners with China Post to handle economy shipping deliveries. This method suits those not in a hurry and looking to save on shipping costs.

Photo via Ems.cn

Standard Shipping:

A bit faster than Economy; this option usually takes 10 to 15 days for delivery. It balances speed and cost, making it a popular choice among shoppers.

Express Shipping:

Express Shipping is the way to go if you need your items quickly. Generally, it takes 2 to 7 days for delivery, making it the fastest, yet the most expensive, option available.

Remember, these are just estimates. The shipping time it takes for your order to arrive can be influenced by several factors, including the processing time, which usually takes 1-3 business days and the efficiency of the local postal service in your area. External factors like holidays, customs delays, and logistics issues can also affect delivery times.

Always check your tracking number for the most up-to-date information on your order’s location and expected delivery date. For the most accurate and current shipping times, it’s best to consult Shein’s official website or customer service. With this knowledge, you can plan your order accordingly and look forward to your Shein package arriving at your doorstep!

Shein Order Tracking Issue

Shein Order Stuck in “Shipped”

It’s common for your SHEIN order to be marked “Shipped” longer than expected. This delay might be due to transit issues, especially during high-demand periods like Black Friday. Another factor could be order processing delays during such peak times. Also, customs clearance in your country can cause further hold-ups, especially for items needing additional scrutiny. In such cases, reaching out to SHEIN’s customer service or directly to the courier handling your shipment can offer more clarity and expedite the resolution process.

Shein Tracking Not Updating

Your tracking might freeze if your order’s still being packed or caught in a postal system’s busy period, say around Christmas or Black Friday. Or you chose Economy Shipping, which often skips the tracking. If tapping refresh gets old, a quick message to customer service or a reliable third-party tracking tool might shed light on your order’s journey.

What is the meaning of Urging Dispatch in SHEIN?

When you hit “Urge Dispatch” on SHEIN, it’s like saying “please hurry” to the shipping company. There’s no fee for this. It might speed things up, but no promises. After your package arrives, click “Confirm” to close your order. If any shipping problems come up, SHEIN will contact you to sort it out.


Shipping Order Notifications 101:

When tracking Shein orders, you’ll encounter various states:

  • Order Placed: Your SHEIN order is logged and awaiting pickup by the carrier.
  • Paid: Your SHEIN payment has been processed and verified.
  • In Preparation: Your SHEIN order is being prepped for shipment.
  • International Warehouse, Sterilization and Inspection of Final Package Completed, Package Shipped: Your SHEIN order has left the international warehouse.
  • China, Departure of the Flight: Your SHEIN package has departed China.
  • In Transit: Your SHEIN package is en route.
  • Parcel Is in Such Country: Your SHEIN package has reached the destination country.
  • Arrived at a Local Courier: Your SHEIN package is with the local courier.
  • Sent: Your SHEIN package is at the local warehouse.
  • Package Under Delivery: Your SHEIN package is out for delivery.
  • In Dispatch: The SHEIN package is out for delivery today.
  • Signed: The SHEIN package has been delivered and signed for.
Shein Package Tracking Notifications

How to Contact Shein Customer Service

SHEIN’s customer service is geared to help no matter where you’re located. Visit their website for direct support or chat with an agent for assistance.

Try reaching out on Instagram (@sheinofficial) or Twitter (@SHEIN_official) for a quicker response.

If you prefer email, contact them at service@shein.com for all your order-related questions or feedback.

Tips for a Better Shein Order Experience

For a better Shein ordering experience, consider shopping during off-peak hours or sales events for the best deals. Always check sizing charts and customer reviews for a better fit. Lastly, set realistic expectations for delivery times, especially during busy seasons, and track your order to stay updated. Patience is key; familiarizing yourself with return policies can save hassle later.

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