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Feliluke Package Delivery Box for Home & Porch

no worries about your packages any more.

In front of the door, you can find the sleek and modern Feliluke Mail & Package Box.

Large Lockable Package Box for Home & Office

The Perfect Solution to Stop Porch Pirates.

Feliluke package delivery box is a large modern mailbox with spacious storage space for multiple packages and mails. It is secure, weatherproof, and durable.

Starting at $299.99

Feliluke package delivery box is a large modern mailbox with spacious storage space for multiple packages and mails. Drop off maximum package 13.7”L x11.8”W x7.8”H.

Starting at $299.99

Feliluke package delivery sticker is used to guide delivery drivers by indicating the designated drop-off location. Ideal buy together with the package box.

Starting at $19.99

The Modern Package Lock Box

Feliluke lockable package box can protect your packages and mails from being stolen, damaged, and rained. 

spacious space

Accepts most of the packages. Maximum size of the box 13.7''L x11.8''W x7.8''H

mail and package

With a top mail slot and front package door, Feliluke mail and package box allows you to receive both mail and packages securely.

secure lock

Prevent mail and package theft and protect identity info.

weather proof

Keep your mails and packages dry from rain and snow.

your deliveries, your way

large capacity, secure, weatherproof, a modern mail & package delivery box

a white feliluke pacakge box, with mail and a parcel, be located in front of a house

Spacious and Flexible Capacity

As online shopping becomes more convenient, our small mailboxes can no longer accommodate all the packages. An upgrade is needed. Feliluke’s Lockable Parcel Container, with its 2-in-1 design, can hold a variety of mails and packages, securely storing them until you come home to retrieve them.

Say Goodbye to Clutter Porches

Keep your porch neat and organized while ensuring your mail and parcels are secure with Feliluke package delivery boxes. All deliveries are dropped and safely kept in the sturdy box, giving you peace of mind.

Before: The porch was cluttered with piles of packages, lacking a convenient Feliluke Parcel Drop Box.
Delivery personnel placing a parcel into a Feliluke Package Delivery Box by a home's front door, demonstrating the box's practical use

Hassle-Free Use and Maintenance

Feliluke Package Delivery Box is very easy to use and maintain. It can be easily accessed by delivery drivers but can only be opened by you with the key. No need to worry about Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth pairing, or battery issues as with smart drop boxes. With a free delivery sign sticker (FREE included), your delivery personnel will be happy to use it.

Experience convenience with Feliluke's oversized black mail and package locker, securely installed at the porch. Watch as a woman, dressed in a stylish blue top and jeans, joyfully opens the locker using a key.

Enhanced Security Features

This sturdy package drop box comes with a secure lock and ground anchor accessories. Only you and your family can open it with the provided keys. Your deliveries are protected from theft and bad weather, ensuring they are safe until you retrieve them.

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