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  • If you receive packages regularly, the Home Package Delivery Box White is your solution. No more waiting at home or rushing back to sign for deliveries. Keep your packages safe from porch thieves with this secure and spacious steel package drop box. Perfect for Amazon, UPS, FedEx, USPS, and other courier deliveries.


  • Dimensions (W x D x H) – 18 x 15 x 40 inch.

Package Delivery Box White in Real Life

You can place this parge package box on your porch, driveway, curb, or even at your office and store.

How Does Package Delivery Box White Work?

Feliluke’s white package delivery box is very easy to use. You shop online as usual, set up the delivery instructions, and allow Amazon and other couriers to leave your goods in the box. Mail can be inserted through the top slot, while small and large boxes can be placed in the medium package door. After closing it up, packages will drop into the locked bottom compartment. Only you, with your personal key, can open it and retrieve your packages.


A postal worker in a red uniform and cap places a letter into an outdoor package delivery box

Insert Mail in Top Slot

The top slot, marked “LETTER,” allows couriers to securely deliver your mail.


A postal worker in a red shirt and cap delivers a letter to a large parel drop box located on a grassy lawn.

Drop Off Packages in Door

Open the drop door for easy delivery of various package sizes, ensuring secure storage. 


A woman wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans crouches to open a home package delivery box with her personal key

Unlock with Key to Retrieve

The secure lock ensures only you can access your packages, keeping them safe until you retrieve them.

Why Do You Need A Package Delivery Box White?

Home Package Drop Box: Keep Your Mail and Packages Safe

Are you worried about your mail and packages being stolen by porch pirates, damaged by weather, or even identity theft? Feliluke package delivery boxes offer a secure solution. Protect your deliveries with our sturdy, weather-resistant boxes designed to keep your mail and packages safe.

A woman in a blue sweater and jeans crouches down to place a letter into a large, labeled "LETTER" secure package delivery box situated on the porch of a house.
Feliluke's efficient, swing-down door allows for hassle-free package deposits

Large Package Drop Box: Spacious Capacity

Feliluke mail and package delivery boxes offer a super spacious storage space that can hold multiple packages for 5-7 days until you retrieve them. Enjoy peace of mind with our secure and roomy delivery solutions, perfect for holidays, vacations, or any time you’re away. Say goodbye to a cluttered porch with packages scattered everywhere.

Parcel Delivery Box for Home and Business: Modern Design

Feliluke package delivery boxes have a modern design and a classic black-and-white color scheme, making them perfect for any home or business. Place it on your porch, driveway, curb, or anywhere you prefer. It’s also great for offices and stores, keeping your packages secure and your space tidy.

Enhance the aesthetics of your courtyard with the stylish black and white Feliluke super large mail and package box. Its seamless integration with the villa creates a visually captivating and harmonious ambiance.
Spacious Space

Accepts most of the packages. Maximum size of the box 14 x 8 x 12 inch.

Mail & Packages

With a top mail slot and front package door, Feliluke mail and package box allows you to receive both mail and packages securely.

Secure Lock

Prevent mail and package theft and protect identity info.


Keep your mails and packages dry from rain and snow.

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27 April 2023
Katie M.

Exceeded expectations

My wife ordered this for our long driveway. It was easy to put together, it took about 30 minutes total. It is very sturdy and very nie looking. I was missing a small part so I emailed the company and they had a new one within a week. Very resposive and professional. I reccomend this product to anyone looking for a secure and beautiful package box.

23 February 2023

Good product

Needs to be bolted to a strong surface.

15 February 2023

Assembly Required

Did not realize it needed assembled when it was ordered. It took a while to put it together. But, it looks nice and will do what we bought it for.

15 November 2022

good product good price

very easy to install. has quality materials. deserves five stars.


Frequently Asked Questions

Feliluke mail & package box is a heavy and large object. 

Additionally, all mail & package boxes come with an anchoring kit to secure to the ground which can help prevent it from being taken.


4 Expansion screws - Essential components of the Feliluke Modern Mail and Package Box kit, ensuring secure installation by bolting the box into the ground.

The largest size package that can fit inside is 13.7''L x11.8''W x7.8''H. And, approximately 7-14 days of mail can be stored inside.


Yes, anchoring into wood or concrete by four bolts that are included in the package.

Customer example:

Customer review picture: Feliluke black parcel delivery box at the curb in the yard.

It’s easy! This mailbox must first be assembled by following some simple steps. Then, it can be installed into concrete or wood decking using our included anchoring hardware. All hardware and easy to follow instructions come with the product.

  1. Assembly Instruction Video

Engaging video cover featuring step-by-step assembly instructions for the Feliluke modern mail and package box, simplifying the setup process.

       2. Installation Manual

Comprehensive instruction manual for the Feliluke modern mail and package box, guiding users through easy assembly and usage.

  • Place stickers on your box: You can buy our package delivery sticker and affix it to your box as shown in the example below:
Feliluke black mail and package box with eye-catching delivery sign stickers, enhancing visibility and functionality.
  • Provide instructions to delivery services: If you regularly receive deliveries from specific delivery services such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL, consider contacting their customer service or visiting their website to provide specific instructions about your parcel drop box. You can mention its location, any specific codes or access instructions if necessary, and request that they use the drop box for deliveries.

Each box comes with a unique lock and key. If you lose the key, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can send you a new lock and key for replacement.

Feliluke warrants that the products sold to be free of defects in materials and workmanship and to be in perfect working order at the time of purchase. Feliluke offers a free Limited Lifetime Warranty on Feliluke products with proof of purchase to the original owner.

The Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects and any failure of moving parts under normal use. If the product should become defective for these reasons during your ownership, Feliluke will replace the product once it is returned to Feliluke.

This Lifetime Warranty does not apply to any damage caused by modification, accident, abuse or misuse of the product. This Lifetime Warranty does not apply to the finish, paint, rust or improper installation. We will evaluate each Warranty claim on a case by case basis, so please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns about your Feliluke product.

There are no other warranties other than those expressly set forth within. Product shipping to Feliluke must be in the original shipping carton with freight prepaid.

For detailed information, please refer to our Returns and Policies page.

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