12 Ways To Prevent Package Theft & Stop Porch Pirates From Taking What’s Yours!

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It’s a very common thing nowadays that people are getting packages stolen from their front porches or from other places on their own private property. It even happened to one of our colleagues one holiday season. Lesson learned! And a lot of times these are crimes of opportunity. They see a chance and they take it. But other times, these people actually follow delivery trucks around, and after they drop a package off at your house, they swoop in and grab it and take off. So We want to show you some ways that you can prevent and deter thieves from stealing your packages.
We’ll start off by looking at some of the ways that do cost money, but then we’ll also look at several ways that cost nothing, that are free, and that are just some best practices that anyone can put into action. To help prevent this from happening.

1.Video Doorbell and Secority Cameras

One of the things you can do is to install a video doorbell, or some type of video surveillance system. There are several great brands out there of video doorbells: Ring, Nest, ADT. Video doorbells can do several things for you.

If you are not at home, it will alert us if someone comes on our property, if they come up to our door. And We can view the person and what’s going on from our phone.

It gives me a live feed from anywhere We’m at. We can talk to the person. We can tell them to get off my property. We can tell them We’m busy, and can’t come to the door. And it records all this so We can view it later.

And if someone just came up to my porch and stole the package, We would see that too, and hopefully We would see their face or have some way to identify them and tell the police.

If somebody sees you have a doorbell like this or a camera setup, they’re not really going to want to come on your property. It’s more likely they’ll avoid stealing from you.

2.Fake Security Cameras and Signs

And if you don’t want to spend your money on a full-fledged video surveillance system, buy a dummy camera and put it up in a corner or two around your property. And put up signs that say that they’re under 24-hour surveillance. And this could be a very inexpensive way to save you from an expensive loss. Signs and dummy cameras are a deterrent.

3.Rent a P.O. Box or Personal Mailbox

You can rent a P.O. box at your local post office and have your packages directed there. Your packages will be held there securely until you want to pick them up. Or you can also rent a personal mailbox from such places as a UPS Store, PakMail, or other services, and they can assign you a physical address, so you can have packages from all the carriers sent to the same place.

Packages from the Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, whoever, can all be sent to that personal mailbox.

Learn more: How do I apply for a PO Box?

4. The Effective Defense: Feliluke’s Mail and Package Box

If you’re an avid online shopping enthusiast, why not consider investing in your very own private mail and package box for less than $300? We recommend Feliluke’s spacious package locker to meet all your delivery needs.

With feliluke’s super large mail and package box, bid farewell to identity theft, mail theft, and package theft worries. These mailboxes offer easy access for mail carriers and delivery drivers while effectively keeping out unwanted weather and sticky fingers. Whether placed on your porch or at your curb, rest assured that your packages are secure, leaving you with no more worries about their safety.

5.Have Packages Left in Safer Location

You can also contact the Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and other delivery services, and ask them to place your packages in a specific location on your property, other than the
front porch. A place where you feel they’ll be safer, that could be on a back
porch, behind a planter, whatever you request.

6.Make Delivery Requests with Carriers

As do other services, UPS allows you to make specific requests for a certain package. If you’re not home when that first delivery attempt is made, they will hold the shipment for pickup, deliver to another address, reschedule delivery, or return to sender.

7.Have Packages Sent To Another Address

And remember, when you’re ordering from online sites, you can have your packages
sent to any address you want them to go to. If you’re typically not at home when delivery services bring your packages and you don’t want them sitting out all day, check with a friend, a neighbor, a relative, or even where you work, and see if it’s okay with them if you have your packages sent there. Don’t even have it sent to your home.

8.Have packages Sent to Store for Pickup

If you order from a major retailer and they have a store near you, instead of having it shipped to you, use their option to have it shipped to the store for you to pick it up, if that’s available.

9.Put Mail and Package Deliveries on Hold

If you’re going to be gone for a few days and you’re expecting packages to arrive through the US Postal Service, you can put your mail on hold. You can do that in person at the post office or you can also go on USPS.com and you can hold mail from three days to 30 days in a row. But the minimum hold, which is important to remember, is three days. If you put your mail on hold, you won’t get any mail for three days. But this can keep packages from being delivered to your porch and make those packages a possible target for thieves.

Learn More: How to request USPS Hold Mail Service ?

10.Sign Up for Text & Email Package Alerts

Sign up for any email or text alerts that are available to you from the major carriers or from any retailers that you buy fr om. That way you’ll be notified when the package is shipped, what day it’s likely to arrive, if the delivery was attempted, and if delivery was made. And that’ll help you be better able to get your package off your porch as soon as it arrives.

11.Use Free Prime Amazon Day Delivery

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, and you’re getting ready to checkout, look on the checkout page for something called Free Amazon Day Delivery. This allows you to pick the day of the week that you want your packages delivered. You can choose anyday of the week, except for Sunday. You can pick up to two days of the week, actually, like you could pick a Tuesday and a Thursday. Or if you really just want one day, you could pick, like, a Friday. So for instance, if you picked Friday, then Amazon won’t deliver any of your packages until that Friday. But on that Friday, you’ll get them all. And the free Amazon Delivery Day can help you be prepared for when your packages are going to come. You know that they’re gonna be there on Friday, so hopefully you can make arrangements to pick them up off the front of your porch as soon as possible.

12.Use Amazon’s Hub Locker Service

Amazon also has these locations in some cities that are called Amazon Hub Lockers. So if you don’t want to have it sent to your house, to your business, to a friend or relatives house, you can have it sent to an Amazon Hub Locker location if there’s one near you. They’ll email you a unique six digit code, and you can go to the lockers. And there’s a touchscreen…you enter your code and that will unlock your specific locker. And We hope some of these tips will help some of you stop your packages from being stolen.


With package theft becoming an ever-present concern, investing in Feliluke’s Mail and Package Box is a smart decision to safeguard your deliveries effectively. Its robust design, technological features, and ease of use make it a superior choice for protecting your packages from porch pirates. Don’t let your online purchases fall victim to theft – take control of your package security with Feliluke’s innovative solution.

Remember, while employing free and paid methods is essential, the peace of mind provided by Feliluke’s Mail and Package Box makes it the ultimate defense against porch pirates. Protect your deliveries and enjoy worry-free online shopping with this cutting-edge solution.

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