What to Do if Your UPS Package Is Stolen

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When you eagerly anticipate a package from UPS, only to find it missing, the stress and disappointment can be overwhelming. The uncertainty of whether it was stolen or simply delayed adds to the frustration. In this caring guide, we will walk you through the necessary steps to regain control and increase the chances of resolving the situation.

StepWhat to Do about UPS Stolen Packages
1Confirm Delivery Status
2Reporting to UPS
3File a Police Report
4Check with Security Cameras
5Notify Your Neighbors
6Contact the Retailer/Sender
7Review Insurance Coverage
8Register a Complaint Online
9Reach Out on Social Media
10Sign Up for UPS My Choice
11Preventive Measures for Future
12Awareness on Package Theft
13Documenting the Incident
14Cooperating with UPS Investigation
15Stay Patient and Positive
16Support Groups and Forums
17Seek Legal Advice (if necessary)
18Receiving a Resolution
**The Definitive Guide to Handling Stolen UPS Packages: A Step-by-Step Approach

1: Confirm Delivery Status

It’s crucial to begin by confirming the delivery status of your package. Check the UPS tracking information to see if it has been marked as delivered. Sometimes, deliveries might be recorded as complete, but the package is still in transit. Additionally, consider asking your neighbors or family members if they have seen or received your package by mistake.

2: Reporting to UPS

If your package is indeed missing, the next step is to contact UPS customer service. Reach out to their support team promptly and provide them with all the necessary information about your shipment, including the tracking number and delivery address. By initiating an investigation through UPS, you increase the likelihood of finding your package.

3: File a Police Report

In certain situations, it may be necessary to involve local authorities by filing a police report. Share relevant package details, such as the contents and the estimated value, to assist law enforcement in their investigation. This step is essential for cases where theft is suspected, helping authorities take appropriate action.

4: Check with Security Cameras

Reviewing your home security footage can provide valuable insights into the package’s whereabouts. Identify any suspicious activity or individuals around the time of the expected delivery. These visuals can be crucial in understanding what happened and potentially lead to the recovery of your package.

5: Notify Your Neighbors

In times like these, your neighbors can be an invaluable support network. Inform them about the missing package, and they might have witnessed something relevant or can keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior in the neighborhood. Creating awareness can also help prevent similar incidents in the future.

6: Contact the Retailer/Sender

While working with UPS is essential, it’s equally crucial to notify the retailer or sender about the situation. Inform them of the missing package and inquire about their policies and available options for resolving the issue, such as replacements or refunds.

7: Review Insurance Coverage

Understanding the UPS insurance policies is vital in such circumstances. If your package was insured, you may be eligible to file a claim for its value. Familiarize yourself with the coverage details to make an informed decision about pursuing a claim.

8: Register a Complaint Online

Express your concerns constructively by submitting feedback through the UPS website. Communicate your disappointment and the impact of the missing package. Constructive feedback can contribute to improvements in their services and processes.

9: Reach Out on Social Media

Social media channels can be powerful tools for seeking support during challenging times. Use platforms like Twitter or Facebook to share your situation and get assistance from the UPS social media team. They are often responsive to customer concerns and can provide guidance.

10: Sign Up for UPS My Choice

Consider signing up for UPS My Choice, a service that offers additional features and benefits. This service enhances package security by allowing you to customize delivery options, including choosing specific delivery time frames or locations.

11: Preventive Measures for Future

To avoid potential package theft in the future, opt for UPS Access Point delivery locations. These secure and convenient spots provide a safe alternative to home deliveries. In addition to UPS Access Point, which provides a secure alternative delivery location, there is another ingenious solution that can fortify your package safety – the Mail and Package Box.

The Mail and Package Box is a smart investment designed to outsmart potential thieves. This box comes equipped with a secure lock mechanism, ensuring that your packages remain safe until you retrieve them. Its sturdy construction allows it to be fixed to the ground, further deterring any thoughts of snatching packages from opportunistic thieves.

12: Awareness on Package Theft

Understanding common package theft scenarios can help you stay vigilant. Be aware of techniques used by thieves, such as following delivery trucks or taking advantage of unattended packages. Staying informed is the first line of defense against theft.

13: Documenting the Incident

Documenting your communication with UPS and any relevant evidence is essential. Keep records of all interactions, including phone calls or emails, as well as any additional evidence related to your package, such as purchase receipts.

14: Cooperating with UPS Investigation

Cooperate fully with UPS during their investigation. If they request additional information or assistance, be prompt in providing it. Staying engaged in the process can lead to quicker and more satisfactory resolutions.

15: Stay Patient and Positive

Dealing with a stolen UPS package can be emotionally taxing. It’s essential to cope with frustration and stress constructively. Maintain a positive outlook and believe in the possibility of a favorable outcome.

16: Support Groups and Forums

Join online communities or forums where individuals share similar experiences. Engaging with others who have faced similar challenges can provide emotional support, tips, and strategies for handling the situation effectively.

17: Seek Legal Advice (if necessary)

In rare cases, seeking legal advice may be necessary, especially if valuable or sensitive items were in the stolen package. Understand your legal recourse options and consult with an attorney to explore further action.

18: Receiving a Resolution

With diligence and patience, you might receive a resolution from UPS. Whether it’s the recovery of your package or a replacement, expressing gratitude for their assistance is an act of kindness that fosters better customer relationships.


The experience of having a UPS package stolen is undoubtedly distressing, but by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate through the aftermath with more control and confidence. Use the lessons learned to enhance package safety in the future, and remember that there is support available to help you through challenging situations. By staying informed and proactive, you can minimize the risk of package theft and ensure a smoother delivery experience with UPS.

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